How To Master Your Mind
and Activate Your Truest Potential

The one thing your child is not learning in school that will truly transform them.

Help your whole family take the first step at becoming the conscious creator of your future.


Become the master of your mind, and activate your truest potential


When you understand how and why your brain is doing what it does, you’ll have the secret key, so you can hack the system and literally rewire your brain for success.

From there, you will reap the benefits of the compound interest of hardwiring in “I can” instead of “I can’t”.

Raise your hand if you have been here:

You feel discouraged, helpless, or guilty about your child’s lack of self-belief...
and wonder if it came from you.

Your child insists they are “stupid” and “can’t do anything right"... and you are worried you are making it worse when you try to tell them they are “AMAZING."

You feel frustrated and confused by the negative words and thoughts your child has about themself, but you also relate to those negative limiting beliefs yourself!

Your child flies off the handle emotionally when they encounter even the slightest challenge... and you are at a loss for what to say or do to help them get back at it.

Being a parent is hard enough. But, when your child is struggling with their self-belief, self-acceptance, and self-esteem, it can be even harder.

As parents, we just want our kids to be happy. We want to protect them from any pain they might encounter in life.

But the truth is we can’t. We can’t be with them every second of every day. And, even if we could, we still can’t guarantee that nothing bad will ever happen to them.

And the real truth is that we do want them to experience life - a whole life with all its ups and downs. We want them to know how to face and overcome adversity and challenge with confidence and resilience.

But how? Where do we start?

“Toughen up” “Think positively” and “Stiff upper lip” aren’t working!

In fact, these old-school adages are doing more harm than good. They perpetuate the story that something is “wrong with me” because “I can’t get over this!” They create guilt and shame and insecurity about the feelings your child is feeling.

So what’s the answer?

The good news is that it’s simple. Our brains work in predictable ways.

Imagine what becomes possible for your child when they truly understand how their brain works, and why. When they are able to tap into their neurological hardwiring to Become the Boss of Their Brain, so that it works for them all the time.

Imagine what becomes possible for you! 

You could:

Relax, knowing your child has the tools and strategies to create their own happiness, and truly thrive in life.

Feel confident that your child is not only developing a skillset based in neuroscience, but is actually physically rewiring the neural pathways in their brain for resilience and success.

Be proud and inspired by the shift in your child’s sense of self-worth. Hear their self-talk shift from negative and self-defeating, to positive and self-assured… and experience it spreading through your whole family!

Release your worry and stress around how your child will react in certain circumstances, and know that they can now handle any external situation because they have the internal tools and strategies to face whatever comes, with confidence.

Watch and celebrate alongside your child, as they capitalize on the compound interest effect of hardwiring in “I can” instead of “I can’t”!

Get ready to celebrate the wins
that are coming your way!



Your child’s brain is more plastic now than it ever will be again. So, there’s no better time to take action!

The Be The Boss Of Your Brain series breaks down neuroscience and neuropsychology into bite-sized videos, and makes it accessible to everyone. It helps you understand how your brain works, so you can rewire it for success.

Once your child knows how their brain works and why, and is able to leverage its natural behaviours, they can become the Boss of their brain, the master of their mind, and tap into their truest potential!

Hi, I’m Sarah Nykoruk

Educator, Master NeuroCoach™, Host of the Teaching Little Brains podcast, and Creator of the Be the Boss of Your Brain series.

My passion is empowering children, (and their parents and educators) to understand and leverage how their brain works, so they can master their minds, tap into their emotions, and realize all their heart’s desires… because everyone is worthy and deserving of living a life they love.

I have worked with thousands of learners, and hundreds of educators over the past 20+ years, honing my superpower of bringing the “how” to the “what” and the “why”. I bring clarity and simplicity to complex concepts, and break them down into small but powerful, actionable steps to obliterate the barriers that are blocking progress.

I never want to hear the words “I wish I had learned this in school”, again. I want to hear children say “I learned this in school” .

Each video is accompanied by a creative brief, or challenge, that really helps you...

  • deeply understand the concept, and apply it into your life
  • grow the neuroplasticity in your brain
  • build new neural pathways that move you toward what you want, and help develop emotional intelligence, confidence, resilience, self-awareness and self-esteem, from the inside out.

You will have unlimited access to:

  • All the video lessons
  • All support materials provided with each module
  • Any future upgrades, or additions made

This series will really drive home the knowledge, and give you the practical tangible action steps that will help you truly become the Boss of Your Brain

When you, and your child, focus on changing what is going on in your internal environment, then you are empowered to thrive in any external environment you might come across in life.

That’s exactly what this Boss of Your Brain Mini-Series is all about.