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We love to collaborate with other changemakers around the world to create uniquely creative and inspiring opportunities for our Lights On® learners. If you’re a business with a real-world brief in mind, or a member of the media who would like to talk, please get in touch with us by emailing [email protected].


What is Lights On®?

In 2010 Julia Black was the winner of the NCPTA Gold Star Rewards for Changing the Life of the School. Inspired by working with her daughter's school, she founded Explorium in 2013.
Lights On® is her revolutionary learning framework that places every child's right to learn in their own unique way before anything else.
In this time of Education Evolution, changemaker families, businesses and educationalists around the world are experiencing the transformational potential of this brain-based and real-world learning approach for themselves.
In this fast-changing and unpredictable time, young people must be prepared to change and adapt, equipped with the skills necessary to thrive in the 21st Century. Lights On® learners are future-proofed, well beyond any grades, to do just that.

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As a documentary maker...

Julia is a BAFTA and Grierson nominated documentary director, who made front page news and sustained a high profile media PR campaign in the UK and Australia in 2004. Julia is currently developing a documentary about the future of education. 

Our Lights On® Learners

...enjoy real-world collaborations and commissions, and get their work in front of authentic audiences


How to spread the word that it's time to embrace new forms of energy?  A collaboration with Wavepower played its part in that. 

Plastic = NOT Fantastic

Our Lights On® learners' response to a commission from the Young People's Trust For the Environment to produce a series of films on an environmental theme.

of a Lifetime

One of a series of films commissioned by YPTE and produced by our Lights On® learners .

Spreading the Word about Deforestation

Lights On® learner Esme took her speech to the European Parliament.

Home Eddie: A Children's
Well-Being Teddy Bear

Changemaker James is building his own thriving business.


A real-world brief from Vivobarefoot led to our Lights On® learners pitching their ideas to a panel of industry experts.

Bill Bryson Science and Communication Prize

Our learners travelled to London to shake Bill's hand and receive their prize as runners up for their film poem, Expect the Unexpected.


Julia recently featured on...

Julia was featured as an expert on raising entrepreneurial kids in the international best seller:
'The One Thing Every Mompreneur Needs To Know'.


The Education Evolution Virtual Summit

Julia talks with other parents and experts from the fields of education, neuroscience and parenting


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