For Parents Who Want Inspired, Creative, Passion-led Learners!

Is it hard to get your child off their screens and motivated to learn?

Do they have so much potential but lack the confidence to do anything without you? 

Our Lights On® Creative Kickstarter Courses Transform Your Family The Easy Way


The REASON Your Child Refuses To Learn Is Simple...

They've most likely lost connection to what it is they love to do and as a result have become a 'passive learner'.  At Lights On® we start right back at the basics to re-connect them with the creative switches they were born with.
Think about it...

All babies are natural born learners from the moment they arrive in our families. Their beautiful brains are firing and wiring together through the experiential adventure of childhood.

Their life experiences shape their brains through everything they THINK, FEEL, DO and EXPERIENCE.

You would think creating a fun environment for them to learn would be pretty straight forward. But as lockdown has shown that isn't always the case.

If you are like most parents I work with, inside my Lights On® Academy, you are just missing a few pieces of the puzzle. It is not as big an obstacle as you might think.
You have the vision: you are getting on with your work/passion/hobby and the rest of your family are busy being happy, inspired, intrinsically motivated to learn at their highest level!
The problem is that your reality is not yet matching up to your dream. 

That's why we created these three short online courses, made by children for children (age 6-12), to help you start the transformation to become a family of self-led learners; the easy way.

The simple truth is to foster creativity and critical thinking you actually need just the right amount of structure for creativity to flow, but not so much you extinguish their lights before they've even started.  Each course has 6 short modules designed specifically to focus your child's attention on one area of growth.

Before you know it they've created an atmospheric short story, made their own art tools, or created their first teleportation scene for a short film! 

These Creative Kickstarters, for 6-12 year olds,
will stop you having to: 

Bribe your child to do some writing

Worry about your child being on screens all day

Worry your child is no longer being creative


The peer mentors will give your child:

The right amount of structure to allow creativity to flow

Encouragement to get hands on and creating

A different, fun way to learn (no more sitting passively in front of yet another online class!)


If you buy all three creative kickstarter courses, as a bundle, then they can create the artistic backdrop for a film that brings their short story to life!  (Plus you save £84!)

Short Story Superstars

Delivered in bite-size and easily digestible short video and activities Esme has designed this 6 module online course so your child re-discovers their passion for storytelling and develops a life-long skill for creative writing. 

In these 6 modules Esme gives your child the tools and techniques to create a short story. She immerses them in the fun side of creative writing so they can use the power of their words to bring their ideas and vivid imagination to life. 

Short Story Superstars helps your child find their voice to write an engaging story.

SIGN UP NOW £33! (normally £57)

At the end of Short Story Superstars your child will:

Have an original short story to add to their learning portfolio

Understand what builds a great story

Develop a technique to create characters

Understand how to use details to create atmosphere

Understand how to create a structure that works

Know how to get over writer's block

Be familiar with draft critique to create a short story

Know how to write a blurb - Short description of the story

These creative kickstarters are designed for children age 6-12 years old.  

Digital Directors

Transform your child from consumer to creator...

As your child learns how to use the power of digital creation to make their ideas come to life they will find creating much more fun than consuming. 

Within minutes of signing into Seb's course your child will be creating a teleportation scene!  As they step into the new virtual realm of digital creation, YOU get to relax knowing they are developing their digital literacy skills and they become proud of their growing digital portfolio.

In 6 modules Seb guides your child to take their ideas and craft their first short films using free software. All they need is a phone or tablet they can film on!

Digital Directors helps your child grow their digital literacy skills.

Sign Up Now £33! (normally £57)

At the end of Digital Directors your child will:

Have a short film to add to their learning portfolio

Be set up to make short films, understanding the importance of narrative, visual structure and dialogue.

Understand how to use different shots and angles to create scenes

Know how to edit shots together, trim clips, add titles and music 

Play with some simple special FX to have your child teleporting through time!

Create the mood & atmosphere, using imagery and sound, that matches their chosen genre

Just the right amount of structure to allow creativity to flow and encourage your child to get hands on creating so they are not sitting passively in front of yet another online class! 


Spark up your child's imaginations so they become curious to explore and experiment with their ideas and channel their creative abilities to produce unique artwork for their learning portfolios. 

Step by step Daisy invites your child to find their artistic energy and gain confidence to express themselves creatively so YOU can see how your child thinks when given a blank canvas and an invitation to experiment. Time to reawaken the creative genius within them!

This 6 module self-paced online course is designed to bring your child's vivid imagination to life using a variety of techniques and creative styles.

Artistic Energy helps your child develop their creativity and critical thinking.

SIGN UP NOW £33! (normally £57)

At the end of Artistic Energy your child will:

Have a variety of skills and techniques to create unique artwork for their learning portfolio 

Be comfortable using reflection to improve their skills over time

Know how to use detail to pull out hidden meanings and draw attention to places where people don’t usually think to look! 

Be familiar with seeking out inspiration from all around them

Know how to experiment with colours textures and tools

Have experimented with using light, shadow, silhouette, shapes and composition to enrich their artistic expression

Understand how to create mood and atmosphere in their art as they discover their unique style


To become a motivated, inspired, self-led learner your child must first explore their creativity. Sign them up for all three courses and help them discover where their creative expression truly lies!

"I like Seb's course because I want to learn how to make a video without my hands in it. I like Esme's course because she has funny words and wonderful stories. I like to write the story and make a movie of it. And for Daisy's course, I like to make a drawing of it, then story, and then movie."

Age 6

"Zoey is definitely a story-teller. There is always a story in her head. She is interested in the video lessons by Seb and Esme (and Daisy) because it's a peer teaching her. And, she is able to do the follow on her own. She prefers to work next to someone who is doing the same thing (us), but is quite capable of completing the tasks independently. The videos are wonderful quality, and challenging enough to hold her interest. They are a perfect length to keep her engaged as well. She also is proud of what she produces, and asks to share it back with the creators all the time."

Zoe's mum!

Message From Esme: 

I’ve been writing since I was 6 years old, and have won many competitions as a result of having the freedom to find my voice and develop my love for writing. This includes: a short story judged by the author of the Rainbow Fairies series and Warrior Cats series, a speech about sustainability, that took me to the European parliament in Brussels, which I loved. Despite loving writing I always found it hard to be inspired in English lessons at school because the focus is mainly on grammar and punctuation. So whether writing stories is your favourite thing in the world, or you'd love to find a way to bring your imagination alive through words I hope that I can encourage you to find the time and space to write your heart out!

"Thank you Esme! Elora and Elio have done module 1 and 2 yesterday afternoon. I left them to it but I kept my ears open. Elora has taken to it with gusto and helping Elio along. In a week now of homeschooling, she has grown wings! Mental wings that is and declared that she hasn't enjoyed learning that much since Reception! Her short story became a longish story. The word games made them both laugh and they had quite a giggle while making them... Anyway, thanks Esme, they are enjoying it!"


Message From Seb:

 I started making films at the age of 7 with an iPad. Ever since then I have loved everything to do with technology. By 8, I was using Final Cut Pro, a professional video editing software. By 9, I had my own camera and was using software like Premier Pro and Avid, and experimenting with SFX using different software. By age 11 I was commission by the Young People's Trust For The Environment to produce a film about plastic pollution.  I now regularly produce digital content for Explorium. I look forward to sharing my passion so you can take your first steps to becoming a young Digital Creator.

"I’ve been doing the Digital Directors course with my girls (7 and 9) and it’s been brilliant! Both have used it to make films and create things they’ve enjoyed and are proud of. My 9yo is currently putting together a video of a product I’ve made for me to use on my social media – I’m so impressed with how she’s working through her frustrations and experiencing that joy of achieving something really good and useful!"


Message From Daisy: 

I've drawn all my life, as long as I can remember! I believe that art needs to be fully explored so a child's imagination can be developed and nurtured to bring out the best of their artistic ability and skills. I wanted this course to help you step away from a linear approach to the teaching of art that is often taught in schools. I've made this so there is a lot of flexibility with no strict rules, only suggestions in order for you to create art in the way that suits you.

"Maria took Daisy's art course last year, and really enjoyed how it gave her a taste of different ideas and techniques to explore to develop solid foundations for her artwork, such as colour and mood. Maria continues to return to these ideas recently to develop them more deeply. Daisy is very clear spoken, which is super important for my daughter, and it also helped in her enjoyment and learning in the course."


"The course was really enjoyable, a step by step approach to understanding editing with fun activities at each stage. Well presented and very easy to follow. The whole family got involved and we also planned and made a film with friends. It was the perfect introduction to editing which has led on to my son really embracing film making and editing."


"Great to be here! We've only just started the course and my kids came up with a film that blew my mind!"


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