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We work with families, just like yours, who are ready to achieve extraordinary things. If you're no longer prepared to wait for the future of education to come to you, it's time to shrug off your old school thinking, embrace a fully illuminated approach to life-long learning, and step up as the creative learning designer for your family.

If you are ready to take full ownership of your family's learning adventure, so you AND your children can learn, thrive and flourish, you are in the right place...


Whole Family Transformation


Each of our Lights On® families is a distinct team of lifelong learners - whatever age they are.  

In our online Lights On® Academy and Mastermind programmes everyone is celebrated for their unique talents, and given every chance to express who they were born to be through incredible real world learning possibilities.

Our learners explore through their passions and tap into the very best leading-edge opportunities for maximising their potential - on every level.

No more waiting for the education system to get up to speed, and no more playing small - seize the NOW moment to DREAM BIG DREAMS for your children, and be part of creating the future of learning TODAY. 

"What I love about Explorium is how they encourage blending work and home and future proofing the kids from the get-go!"

Lights On® family, Pakistan

"Honestly, James is shining like a floodlight at the moment! I haven't words really to explain how I feel about this."

Lights On® family, UK

"Thank you for helping me realise there were projects already happening with James and potential learning to embrace and take deeper… We’ve experienced every emotion from laughter to frustration, hit puzzling hurdles, built and rebuilt...he is really pleased with the results and keen to keep going. I’ve recognised the power of Lights On® learning and the important role of the portfolios.”"

Lights On® family, UK

Future Proofing

Are you doing all you can to set up your child for success in the 21st Century?

EDUCATION EVOLUTION is happening, right here.

Our brave, forward-thinking families are actively designing the lives they want to lead. The parents in our programmes are using their own personal development and growth to unleash their children's creativity and empower them to shine throughout their educational careers.

We invite YOU to co-create the future of learning with us by joining our amazing global community TODAY.

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