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Meet our community of
parents who know a secret:

It was never about our
outdated education
system being in a crisis...

Have you ever looked at your child and wondered where has my carefree and happy child gone? Like someone came in and switched off the lights behind their eyes.

Now here's the secret that all parents in our community know...

If your child’s lights are OFF
they simply cannot learn.

When your child’s lights are off, this is your reality:

You wake up and have a battle on your hands to get your child to school.

You feel guilty dropping them off at the place they refer to as ‘prison’ but tell yourself you've got no choice.

You search online for HOPE and join FB groups to get answers but you find yourself sucked into this negativity of BLAMING the school, the teachers, the 'academisation' of education.You don’t want to but it feels good to throw stones at the enemy.

You pluck up the courage to set up a meeting with the Head Teacher and then you pick your child up from school, hoping they will skip out of the classroom to tell you all about what they have learned. Except they don’t.

Your child looks tired, the light behind their eyes is getting dimmer and you see that their love of learning has been chipped away for another day. Tomorrow will be different. You tell yourself. Except you really know it won’t...

The good news is, you're in the right place to 
switch them back on!

When you do, EVERYTHING looks a lot brighter!

You wake up and you feel calm. The stress, frustration and tension has gone and your child is hungry to learn again.

They have loads they want to explore and are much braver now, more open to trying new things.

Their sense of adventure is back and, although things at school are not 100%, they are achieving better as they are more resilient and can cope when things don't quite go their way.

You, too, are starting to see things change for you. You have space in your life now to explore, grow and learn and start tapping into those passions you put on hold a long time ago.

Your whole family sees learning in a totally new way and you no longer feel that life is unfolding according to someone else's story.

You are in the driving seat of your family's adventure and you are an innovator - thinking differently about your child's education.

You are a pioneer - acting differently about your child's education. Your LIGHTS ARE ON and your family is thanking you for it!

All of this can be as simple as flicking on the switch when you use our Lights On® transformative framework.

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Hello, I’m Julia

Once upon a time (10 years ago!) I took on the BEAST of our education system. I won an award for changing the life of my children’s school when I led the parents to stage a 90 minute Big Top Circus staring all 106 pupils. Proud and spurred on by my success I expanded my vision. I was going to change the lives of millions of children around the world because I could see how schools should be run. That was my quest…and for four years I was on track.

Until I crashed BIG TIME and my own lights went out.

And now I am so grateful they did.

Because if I had continued to look at the problem being with our education system then I would never have found the one thing that every parent wants - the secret code to ensure their child has what it takes to be happy and fulfilled, no matter what life throws at them.

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