Switch your children's Lights On®

Understand why your children don’t like learning & learn how to switch them back on.

Explorium’s neuroscience-backed Lights On® framework has helped 1,000s of families in the Academy change their mindset, find their passion and develop a portfolio of exciting projects in less than 1 year.

What does “Lights Off” mean?

When your children’s lights are off, they are not actively engaged with their education. They usually find school boring and they resist it. Even if they might even get good grades, they are not passionate about learning and tend to be passive consumers of TV, Youtube...

And what is Lights On® then?

Lights On® families are highly motivated and continuously find passion-led projects that switch them on. They explore different topics with curiosity and have learned to manage their emotional learning journey to master new skills. They become digital creators, and they are proud of their portfolio.


Whole Family Transformation

+1000 Empowered parents have already re-engaged their children with learning and are enjoying whole family transformation


Find out
what learning mindset your child has...

Focus your attention to move them towards becoming a highly motivated, engaged, and persistent Lights On® learner.

Take Our Learning Mindset Quiz Here

Learn How To Create The Happy, Calm Learning Environment That Empowers Your Family Towards Life-Long, Passion-Led Learning.

Connect better than you ever have before while discovering the learner your child was born to be! These 3 simple tools will identify your child’s preferred way of learning in a fun, hassle free way.

Just £27


To become a motivated, inspired, passion-led learner your child must first explore their creativity. Help them discover where their creative expression truly lies!

Three Courses for Just £87


If you are ready to end the struggles, frustration, sweat and tears that come with trying to help your child engage with learning, it is time to ditch the old school way!



"What I love about Explorium is how they encourage blending work and home and future proofing the kids from the get-go!"

Lights On® family, Pakistan

"Honestly, James is shining like a floodlight at the moment! I haven't words really to explain how I feel about this."

Lights On® family, UK

"Thank you for helping me realise there were projects already happening with James and potential learning to embrace and take deeper… We’ve experienced every emotion from laughter to frustration, hit puzzling hurdles, built and rebuilt...he is really pleased with the results and keen to keep going. I’ve recognised the power of Lights On® learning and the important role of the portfolios.”"

Lights On® family, UK

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