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In the Lights On Universe we work directly with the parent for maximum & fastest results.

 'The 30 day training will really open your eyes up to what you and your family are capable of. Start creating not consuming. The Lights On Team are so supportive and make you feel amazing.'


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Here’s how we do it:

SPARK your child’s creative energy.

This immediately increases their emotional engagement which research shows leads to higher academic achievement.

 STEP 2:
UNLOCK their brain power and become ‘Wired For Learning’

This creates an exponential MINDSET where they are hungry to grow and with an insatiable appetite to learn!

Their inner drive unlocks their creative energy which enables their potential to be explore, expressed and accessed at higher levels.

ACTIVATE their potential - now we have lift off as they expand their horizons of what is possible for them

This is where SKILLSET comes in with a positive feedback loop that has them feeling happy, confident and full of self belief.

When all three core components of their ‘Lights On Learning Circuitry’ come together they will have greater:

Self awareness - use their thoughts and emotions to get results
Flexibility of mind - learn, unlearn and relearn
Courageous vulnerability - able to face challenges with confidence
Mental and emotional resilience - ability to fail forward and keep going. 

RESULT: One Happy, Engaged & Self-Led Child!

BONUS: A family that has a rock-solid connection, strong bonds and feels joyful and fulfilled who has new tools to flourish for the rest of their lives!


When a child learns with their Lights On anything is possible…when they know how to harness the power of Lights Off they become unstoppable and stand out from the crowd.


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Mothers' Love

If you are ready to recognise the lies that have been holding you back in life, the behaviour patterns that have kept you stuck, and the stories that have limited you being the person and parent you want to be; then jump into FLOW to discover the way to show up as the real you and go forward without fear.

- Sharon

A priceless investment in myself and my family. Wow! Such life-changing revelations in such a short space of time. I would never go back.

Everyone needs to know this stuff.

I have never believed in myself as I do now.

- Karen

FLOW has been life changing in so many ways and it has been much more than I could have dared to hope. I have rediscovered who I am, and I am taking back control of my mind and my life, and that is so empowering. I’ve also gained more confidence in facilitating my children’ learning adventures and enabling their lights shine.

- Nicky

FLOW has been life-changing for me. It helped me focus and identify the 'something more' that I've been searching for.

Developing my future story and visions is facilitating me to focus on where I want to progress and grow in the future.

My family is benefiting from me, as CEO of my family, taking action each day to walk towards the ideal family life we can choose.

- Georgie

After months of struggling in moving forward on my dreams, I was stuck, but FLOW has given me a deeper understanding of myself and the tools to achieve my dreams, taking action and moving forward, while working through various situations in my life, all through using the power of neuroscience, the power of the brain, to do so.

- Dawn

This has been a life changing experience. Even though I had been working on myself with therapy and meditation for many years, FLOW has helped me reach a level of self-awareness that has allowed me to make massive shifts in my life by also being able to modify beliefs and behaviours that were stopping me from being the person I wanted to be. It has also given me the tools to continue working on myself to carry on moving in the direction I want to go.

- Barbara