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Wired For Learning Challenge Pack - Just £9 (inclusive of VAT)

6 Creative Learning Challenges - tried and tested with 1000s of children and guaranteed to give you opportunities to grow your family's mindset and give them practice at becoming the 'boss of their brains'. 

Includes a mentor guide so you know exactly what to look out for when you are running these challenges. Every time your child hits resistance it is an opportunity for growth - don't miss the chance to grow their neural networks one challenge at a time!

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Be The Boss Of Your Brain

This mini-series is comprised of 6 modules (and a bonus section) which include a short video outlining the key concept to explore, a creative ”brief” for you to invite your family, or learners, to respond to. We've also included some support to help you facilitate a conversation around the 'video spark' and strategies for implementation. 

Module 1: You are the Boss of Your Brain (1:51)

Module 2: Situations are Neutral (2:03)

Module 3: You Have ANTs in Your Brain (2:04)

Module 4: Your Thoughts Create Your Feelings (2:00)

Module 5: Your Brain Has Autopilot (3:09)

Module 6: Beliefs (3:37)

Each module includes: 

    • A video and summary of the concept (the video spark)

    • The brief (challenge / invitation)

    • Discussion questions to support understanding of the concept

    • Additional Follow-up activity options