We think, feel and act like a creative learning agency because education is meant to be fun!



We believe everyone has the potential of achieving extraordinary things in life and we are passionate about using the science and art of learning to help families and educational communities achieve excellence. 

We’ve seen too many children journey through their education never having the chance to express and show what they could be brilliant at. 


The problem?


They are being led along an old school route because they are missing key parts of the roadmap. What this generation need, more than ever, is to create, explore and learn exponentially through their hearts desire! 

Once you have the heartset locked in then you can grow your mindset through the power of your Lights Off state. When you do this the skillset also grows exponentially and your child builds up a portfolio of work autographed with excellence.

Lights On® has been life changing in so many ways and it has been much more than I could have dared to hope. I have rediscovered who I am, and I am taking back control of my mind and my life, and that is so empowering. I’ve also gained more confidence in facilitating my children’s learning adventures and enabling their lights to shine.

- Nicky,
Conservationist, Mother of two

About our Founder

Julia Black, CEO, founder and creator of Lights On® , is a social entrepreneur to her core. She’s a mother to two teenagers, has a MA in International Relations, is a BAFTA and Grierson nominated documentary director and a certified Master Neurocoach. In 2010 she won the NCPTA Gold Star award for Changing the Life Of The School and ever since has been a passionate advocate for helping families see tangible evidence of their natural born talents. She believes parents have an important role in evolving our education system and our LEARN system makes it easy for them to transform their family from the inside-out.

“I was always on track. Even when I stumbled, fell, backtracked and all the evidence told me I was failing.
I was always moving forward.”

- Julia Black

Lights On® is a simple concept.

When Lights Off your brain is in survival mode.
When you are Lights On® you are in creation mode.
The magic happens when you learn how to harness the power of both the Lights On and Off states. This is when anything becomes possible for you and your family.

We are committed to helping 10 million families by 2025 learn how to live, learn and flourish in a Lights On® state, so they can lead a life-time of happiness by choice and not circumstance. You cannot show someone how to live in a Lights On® way if you, yourself, do not know what it takes to smile from the inside out.

4 Reasons Why We Do What We Do

If a child’s lights are off they cannot learn - no matter what opportunities you present them with.

If you, as the parent, know how to move between lights off and on states then you also know how to guide your family to do the same. Once lights on - now you can all fly.

We are living in a time of wholesale disengagement within our education system (including those who are being home educated too).

This is having an enormous impact on the mental wellbeing of families. Lights On® is a quick, simple effective way to get your family switched back on to learning FAST.

Focusing on mental health and wellness is the fastest way to get children learning with a solid brain-heart connection that facilitates exponential growth.

Our future needs children to be in creation mode, not survival mode, if they are to put their creative minds and hearts to solving some of our most pressing problems.

Who is going to argue they would prefer a child to be learning in a lights off state?

No-one right? So let’s sign up to a Lights On® world and bring legislative changes to ensure every child has a right to learn in their own unique way.

Light Up The Way Your Family Learns

The Lights On® Parents Scorecard

The happiest families are those led by inspiring parents who put mental wellbeing at the heart of their educational strategy.

Created by Master NeuroCoach and NCPTA Gold Star Award Winner Educationalist and Parent Julia Black!



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