Thanks to Silas, age 8, who has a Maker and Engineering 'switch', for creating this video to clearly illustrate Our Lights on metric.

The truth is you need Lights On and Lights Off to truly flourish as a learner. Knowing how to harness the power of Lights Off is key for any successful educational strategy.

No more trading mental wellbeing for academic success because as Sila's short film shows the effects of disconnecting our hearts from our brains is detrimental to learning.



Celebrating Nicky and her 8 year old daughter for this inspirational short film. It took nine drafts of the voice over until she was happy to sign it off. This is not 'fragile perfectionism' of 'this isn't good enough'. This is a child who is Lights On and committed to autographing her work with excellence, when it matters.
What starts as a simple playful idea to deliver on a creative brief becomes a beautiful unfolding of creativity, exploration and growth.

Our community collaborates with their Lights On.

This is Lights On learning at its best where families around the world collaborate to showcase their creativity. The result a radio show Hosted by two of our Lights On children, (9 and 5) with contributions from other Lights On Families.  The theme of the first episode is Impact for Good. Click the link below and tune in.