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Lights On® Learning in Lockdown

Molly, 16, dreams of performing on the West End stage, and was due to sit her GCSEs in June. “Instead of stressful revision and exams, she followed her passions, singing and dancing her way through lockdown. 4 months following her dream rather than sitting exams. Her lights were blazing; she inspired us all,” writes Lights On Mum, Emma.

This has been a strange, challenging time with disruption to routines and normality, and the unprecedented closure of schools around the world. Without wishing to downplay the trauma of this pandemic, children have had a unique opportunity to learn outside of school, beyond the walls of their classrooms.

I asked Lights On families how their children engaged with learning during lockdown.

“Staying at home has done wonders for our learning!” reflects Aneka in Islamabad. “It reset our family connections. 

We spent more time learning alongside each other. It showed us how resilient we are, how we made the most of all...

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