Why We Should Encourage Our Children to Pursue Their Passions

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As parents, we want the best for our children. We want them to be successful, happy, and fulfilled. But sometimes, in our quest to ensure their academic success, we overlook the things that make them unique and special. We focus on grades, test scores, and academic achievement, leaving their natural talents and passions as the ‘bits on the side’.


So why is it so important to encourage our children to pursue their passions and how we can support them in doing so?


The Old School Paradigm


For many years, the focus of education has been on knowledge retention and academic achievement. It is an ‘outside-in’ model. We have valued what is in our heads more than what is in our hearts. We have asked our children to leave their natural-born talents at the door and focus on learning what we deem to be important.


This old school paradigm has left many children feeling uninspired and disconnected from their learning. They have been asked to leave the things they love most out of their educational adventure and have been forced to conform to a one-size-fits-all approach to learning.

But it doesn't have to be this way. We can shift from this old school paradigm and move towards a more illuminated way of thinking that engages the heart and brings joy and passion back into our children's learning adventures.


Finding Their Passion


So, what is it that your child loves to do more than anything in the world? What would they get up every morning to do, and they're really passionate about? It may not be obvious at first, but with a little exploration and curiosity, you can discover your child's natural-born talents.


Look for the moments when you see the light behind your children's eyes come on. When they are fully engaged and in the flow. These are the moments to tune into curiosity and get curious about what they were doing. It might be playing with Lego, drawing, singing, or performing. It could be taking technology apart or coming up with ideas as an inventor. It might be trying to make money as an entrepreneur.


Whatever it is, it's important to value it. These natural-born talents are what your child is good at, and they can become great at over time. They will give your child a collaborative advantage and help them find joy and fulfilment in their learning adventures. These are the keys to their success and freedom in life. Having a life learning what they love and loving what they learn. 


Valuing Passion Over Grades


Of course, grades are important, and we want our children to do their best. But we don't want to trade their mental wellbeing for academic success, and we do that by shifting our focus from knowledge retention to heart-centered learning.


We need to find that thing that our child loves to do and bring it center stage of their educational strategies so that they can lead with their hearts. When we engage in the process of learning, we stop obsessing about the outcome and start to enjoy the process. We get that cocktail of reward, the dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins that make us feel good about learning.


Becoming a Learner Alongside Our Children


As parents, we often put ourselves to one side when we become mum or dad. But it's important to remember that we are here for a bigger reason. We can start exploring what we love to do and become a learner alongside our children.


When we do this we stop trying to fix any problems that we might think they have and start engaging in the process of learning. We become more present and attentive to our children's needs and interests, and we start to appreciate the unique and special qualities that make them who they are.


Encouraging our children to pursue their passions is essential to their growth, development, and happiness. It helps them believe anything is possible when their Heartset is valued.  

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