Mothers Hold The Key For Whole Family Transformation

creativity lights on passion-led learning real-world learning Apr 18, 2022
Imagine a world full of children learning to their truest potential, achieving excellence and loving what they are doing…without having to invest billions in changing our schools. 

What if, all this time, we’ve been looking in the wrong direction? 

Tinkering around with the ‘system’ that can’t be fixed.

Redesigning the curriculum that was never needed in the first place.

Investing in mis-directed ‘intervention strategies’ for children who ‘can’t or won’t’ learn.

Disengagement in education is now almost mainstream. It’s become the norm for a child to be uninterested in what they are learning. ‘Just get through it’ is not a great educational strategy for mental wellbeing. 

It is certainly not a way to live our lives, especially in an age where we understand exactly how to unlock our full human potential. 

We are all capable of achieving extraordinary things in our lives, yet only a small percentage will actually go on to do so. This is not because most of us lack the talent, or the opportunity, but rather because the majority of us lack the self leadership skills for the world we now live in. But consider this, even if we are happy with the ordinary we still have to do the work to arrive at this destination of being happy by choice, not circumstance. Perhaps more so now than ever before. 

So I invite you to get excited that the potential solution to fixing our current education and mental health crisis lies in transforming the whole family unit, starting with investing in the mother first. 



A mother who knows how to lead her family at the highest level unlocks the exponential growth and creative potential within her family, as a by-product. This is not the same as hothousing where we trade a child’s mental wellbeing for ‘success and status’. 

When we look at a child’s disengagement through this lens it is no longer a problem. It is a growth opportunity and brings with it a really exciting opportunity for investing in the mother, her family and the world.

A mother’s growth = her family’s growth. 

I know this story really well. As a woman who grew up believing I was born to make an impact I didn't expect to love motherhood as much as I did. The flip side of that is l also began to resent it. My independent filmmaking career took a back seat to breastfeeding on demand and I lost a sense of who I was. The more I stopped doing the things that I loved the more I was creating this Lights Off energetic charge within my family. 

I was thinking, ‘I can't do this. This is too hard.’ 

I was feeling ‘sad, angry, and overwhelmed’

I had become a victim of my circumstance. This was so against my values and identity as a Changemaker.

Then something happened that changed my life. 

My daughter started school and as she got bored, switched off and angry, this ‘problem’ presented me with an opportunity. I either sit back and moan, or I do something about it. Of course the changemaker in me kicked in. I knew EXACTLY how it felt stumbling around in that dark place. I wasn’t going to watch my daughter hang out there any longer than she needed to.

Fast forward 15 years and I’ve now worked with schools, teachers, 1000s of children and mothers to move them from Lights Off to Lights On. Hands down the most sustainable growth for a child, has come when the mother commits to her own personal development first.

So I’m going all in with my mission, so that by 2025 I have reached 10 million mums and helped them level up to become inspiring leaders of their family. Because the thing is a great leader can lead even the most disengaged children to success…even when nothing in the education system changes at all!

So how do you become an inspiring leader of your family? 

Step 1 (Re)discover yourself as a learner.

Step 2 Rewire limiting thought patterns (do a bit of brain hacking!)

Step 3 Reignite your passions (what is it you love to do?)

Step 4 Step out of your comfort zone more often

Step 5 Get really good at failing!

Step 6 Be authentic and honest

When you grow as a learner your whole family does too!

If you want to go more in-depth on these 6 steps, here’s my article ‘Six Steps To Becoming An Inspiring Leader Of Your Family’. If you are mother, and excited by using your own personal and professional growth to make an impact in your family and beyond, message me.

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