Learn how to activate your family’s sweetspot of learning to see tangible evidence of their natural born talents.


Do you have what it takes to lead your family to learn beyond their edges?

There are 3 keys that will unlock your family's potential with ease.

Join my 3 part masterclass series and learn how to use your family’s natural born talents to accelerate their growth.

Any of these sound familiar?

Your children currently find learning a chore and can’t see the point in their education

You feel the education system is broken but you still want your children to stay in school and succeed

You sort of have a vision for how you want your family to learn but are yet taking steps towards it

You want to try a passion-led approach but feel a bit anxious and uncertain you can get your family on board.

You’ve noticed your children avoid doing something if they think they will fail, and you want them to believe they are safe to make mistakes.

Let me guide you towards...

  • An inner knowing of how to lead your family to fall in love with learning.
  • Activating your family’s potential with a strong ethos of autographing their work with excellence.
  • Ensuring you are a family that 'can' and not stuck as one that 'can't'.
  • To lead your family to be secure in their collaborative advantage, aware of what they can do with what they love and committed to becoming great at it over time

Let's help you lead them get there...because it all begins with you!

Imagine leading your family to take intentional inspired action to live a life they love. Imagine them being known for what they are good at because they were courageous enough to become great at it with your guidance.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to

A transformative 3-part masterclass series.

Together let's lead your family to be the one who can learn, unlearn, and relearn in this fast-paced, ever changing world.


Hi, I’m Julia Black

I'm a mother to two teenagers, a natural born social entrepreneur, a story teller and master neurocoach.

In my life before kids I was a world adventurer and a BAFTA and Grierson nominated filmmaker. I've always had a passion for creating social change in the world, especially through female empowerment..

When I became a mum I narrowed my changemaker focus to my family. Then out to my children's village school and in 2010 I won the NCPTA Gold Star Award for Changing The Life Of The School. Since then I've been working with 1000s of children and families.

I truly believe when we invest in parents to change their legacy the world will be a brighter place to be. I'm here to play my part in making that possible for you.


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An overview of my Lights On® LEARN model, a science-backed approach to learning that empowers your family to achieve excellence with ease.


🔆 Instant access to my 3 part masterclass series focused on the 'A' of the LEARN model which is the part that trips up parents and educators the most. 
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🔆 Instant access to my 4-part series, Unleash Your Family's Potential where I break down the whole LEARN model and show you how to apply it to your family.

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to transform your family's life. Buy your ticket now and let's activate your family's potential together!


Unleash your Families Potential course was all and more than I thought it would and could be.

I signed up as I wanted a clear pathway to engage my kids in their learning but what I discovered was a whole new exciting ‘Lights On’ world that honestly has taken breath away. It has given me insight and knowledge on how our whole family can engage with not only their learning but the world around them.

- Nicole

I loved Julia's energy and passion for what she does. She draws you in and makes you feel nothing is impossible. It gave me some insights to what I need to be looking for with my children, how even the smallest spark can turn them in to lights on when they are so disengaged. I loved the sessions and will be doing further session in the near future.

- Andrea

Unleash Your Families Potential ignited me into being creative again. I have been following Lights On for a while, yet this training gave me even newer insight into how I can move forward with myself and my family, and to look at learning in a whole new light. Inspirational.

- Samantha


Julia’s ‘Activate Your Potential’ course is making me stop in my tracks and see where my edges are and where I want to be for myself, and how I can model this for my family and better support them in their individual paths. That in being with what isn’t working can allow us to move towards what will, rather than leaving me feeling a failure! The sessions hold a space for me to step back and observe even more what old beliefs are there and giving me ways to see new choices. I love that Julia invites, models and enables the vulnerability which brings real learning and change, and holds that there is always another layer. Whether you are at the start of your personal journey or a long way through, I believe most will get something from Julia’s engaging sessions and coaching. Her passion, curiosity and desire for everyone to be all they can be in their own unique ways shines through and is supported by her rich content from her own synthesis of decades of study and deep experiential understanding of learning, creativity and innovation.

- Caroline


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