5 Simple Shifts To Become an Inspiring Leader Of Your Family

(Guide Them From Disengaged to Passionate Learners even if you are stuck micro-managing and feeling less than inspired right now)

Step-by-step game plan to lead your family to educational success in just 3 months, even if they are totally switched off from learning and inside you’re screaming ‘I can’t do this anymore’!
Why focusing on academic success is the least effective strategy to get your child re-engaging in their education and the one mistake that is most likely limiting your family’s potential.
The secret to becoming an inspirational leader and how you can transform your entire family through THOUGHT alone!
How our mums increase their family’s life opportunities by gaining mastery over their own minds and the magic formula that makes it happen practically overnight.
And…how we do all of this whilst rebuilding trust, connection and improving your family’s mental wellbeing.

Presented by Julia Black

Julia is a mother to two teenagers, a Master Neurocoach, social entrepreneur and educationalist. Since 2009, when she won an award for ‘changing the life of the school’ through her volunteer work, she has worked with thousands of families, in and out of school settings, and collaborated with 15 schools in Somerset. She is a regular guest speaker on podcasts and at parenting summits and in life before kids was a BAFTA and Grierson nominated documentary maker.

She runs a global online learning community for changemaker families who are here to learn and grow so they can make a difference in the world, by mastering their minds and using the power of their natural born talents.

“Julia’s expertise is outstanding! Lights On® is so simple to implement, so effective, so robust.”

Sarah Nykoruk

Podcaster, Educator, Master Neurocoach

5 Simple Shifts To Become an Inspiring Leader Of Your Family To Guide Them From Disengaged to Passionate Learners


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