The Importance of Heartset in Raising Thriving Learners

collaboration heartset lights on® learning whole family transformation Mar 20, 2023

As parents, we all want our children to thrive and succeed in this new world, characterised by creativity and collaboration. But how can we make sure they're ready to face the challenges ahead? The answer lies in creating a culture of learning and growth, starting with Heartset.


Heartset is the key to unlocking our fullest potential and feeling fulfilled in our lives. It's about knowing what we love to do, what makes our hearts sing, and investing time, energy, and focus in becoming great at it over time. And yet, the old school paradigm asks our children to hang up their passions at the school gate, never to be explored during the school day. As inspiring leaders of our families, we cannot make that mistake.

Instead, we need to focus our attention on Heartset, both for ourselves and our children. Do we have something we love to do? Have we lost touch with it? Let's reconnect with our passions and create a culture of learning within our homes. When our children see us role-modelling this behaviour, they'll be more likely to follow suit.


But Heartset is just one of the three keys to Lights On® learning. Mindset and Skillset are equally important, and they all work together to create a collaborative advantage that is essential in today's world.


Mindset is about taking ownership, leading oneself, and taking responsibility for one's mistakes. And Skillset is about having the flexibility and relevant skills to contribute to the goals of a team. When these three keys are working together, the collaborative advantage is achieved, and people want us on their team.


So let's shift away from the old school paradigm of competitive advantage, where success is defined by getting to the top at all costs. Instead, let's embrace the collaborative advantage, where Heartset is the foundation for growth and success. When we bring our Heartset into the picture, our Mindset grows exponentially, and we develop the relevant Skillset to become great at what we love to do.

So remember if you want to create a culture of learning and growth then start with Heartset. As inspiring leaders of our families, we need to reconnect with our own passions, invest time, energy, and focus on them, and role-model this behaviour to our children. Let's embrace the collaborative advantage, where Heartset, Mindset, and Skillset work together to create thriving learners who are ready to face the challenges of this new world.

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