Get your child engaged in learning


Think of how much happier (and calmer) your family environment would be if they were switched on, motivated and curious learners.



There's only one problem.

Your child is resisting anything to do with learning.

Trying to replicate school at home seems to switch them off from learning even further...

even when you try to make it 'fun' and creative, sneaking in the English and Maths! 

What most parents don't realise is this is the fastest way to disengage your child.

Fortunately, there's an easier way to fast-track your child to become a successful learner

With our Lights On® toolkit you can uncover your child's passions so they can learn with real purpose and follow their own unique pathway to success.

With the Lights On® toolkit, you'll get:

  • Step-by-step proven process that empowers your child to have clear tangible evidence of what they are capable of achieving beyond academic grades.

  • Simple tools to identify your child's passion preferred way of learning.

  • Highly effective strategies and techniques to strengthen your child's mindset.

  • A clear roadmap to help you design creative projects that lead to extraordinary tangible outcomes.

  • Clear evidence of the 21st Century skills your child needs to standout from the crowd beyond their academic grades.


In short, it's like becoming your child's very own high-performance coach, saving you £1000's no longer having to rely the professionals to do it for you.

But don't just take our word for it. Read what our Lights On® Families have to say:

“Lights On® has been a game changer for my family. My son was refusing school and I couldn't understand why he was no longer 'getting the grades'. With the support and guidance of the Lights On® team my 9 year old is smiling once again, no longer squashed by a school system that didn't recognise his full potential. We are adopting the Lights On® principles as a family and I am so excited about the possibilities that are consequently going to open up for all of us.”

- Kayte 

My daughter's confidence and belief in her strengths through projects has transferred to her learning in all areas. She understands herself a lot more as a learner. In her words, ‘Yes, I have dyslexia, but I think in patterns and colour, and I can solve problems. I can come up with some really good ideas!’

- Dawn

Maybe even after reading what our Lights On® Families think, you're still on the fence.

That's OK.

You could ignore this page and continue...

...seeing your child's mental-wellbeing suffer in your struggle as you struggle get them engaging in their education.

...seeing them disconnect more and more from family life as communication with them becomes harder.

...worrying that they will never have what it takes to live an independent, happy life and feeling like you've let them down.

...regretting all that time you wasted following the wrong strategy because they have nothing to show who they are beyond the grades.

...settling for just imagining your child being happy, living a life of their dreams being financially independent but never quite achieving it.

Or you could get our self-directed Lights On® Toolkit so you can get started today. 

Get our super-easy process to empower your child or teenager to learn at an exponential rate. Suitable for all ages. The younger you start the better!
  • Increase your child's intrinsic motivation and passion to learn for less than the cost of your daily drink of choice.
  • Understand and use the brain science and 21st century learning tools that all the most innovative educators around the world use.
  • Introduce passion-led, purpose-driven learning and hardwire your child for success so that your child has the chance to become a committed, life-long Lights On® learner.


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