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At Explorium we...

...believe ANYONE can thrive as a LEARNING EXPERT once they are fully committed to using the Lights On® framework

...are not for OLD SCHOOL THINKERS (who are happy staying in their safe zone)

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...show up and commit 100% as I go through the programme, even when things get challenging.

...being open and coachable, following advice from the Lights On® Team. ...be prepared to make shifts in my own mindset in order to maximise the success for myself and my family.

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The Boss Of Your Brain mini series comprised of 6 modules (and a bonus section) which include a short video outlining the key concept to explore, a creative ”brief” for you to invite your family, or learners, to respond to. We've also included some support to help you facilitate a conversation around the 'video spark' and strategies for implementation. 

Module 1: You are the Boss of Your Brain (1:51)

Module 2: Situations are Neutral (2:03)

Module 3: You Have ANTs in Your Brain (2:04)

Module 4: Your Thoughts Create Your Feelings (2:00)

Module 5: Your Brain Has Autopilot (3:09)

Module 6: Beliefs (3:37)

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The Lights On® Switch Kit

Inside the Lights On® Switch Kit you will have unlimited access to:

An online training portal with 3 modules and bonuses designed to give you the tools to switch your family back on to learning:

  • Identify Your Child's Switch
  • Curiosity Audit
  • Sparkie Conversations

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