Tree Play - Search for the illusive Great Breach Creature

lights on® learning school projects Jul 01, 2018

When “Mad Pete”, a local Natural History obsessive, sent out the call for help to search for the illusive Great Breach Creature (GBC) he was soon joined by 40 intrepid and aspiring film-makers, aged 6-9 years old.

Accompanied by three Natural History filmmakers, who having heard a sighting could be imminent had come to capture this creature on film for the first time. Their wild adventure took them deep into the Somerset woods following a trail of feathers, scat and odd-looking tracks.

When they came across a huge nest with three giant eggs they knew they were close.

Now they faced the long wait! Cameras ready. Sound ready. But where was the GBC? 

Check out their film to find out whether they did spot the illusive beast.


Our intrepid explorers came from Rode Methodist First School and this is what Carolyn Tommey, Head Adventurer, had to say about Tree Play:

  • Excellent educational value – definitely the best educational visit I have ever been involved with.

  • Instilling a life-long love of learning through adventure – a brilliant blur between fantasy & reality.

  • Mad Pete (actor) really set the scene for the day and gave it a focus.

  • Meeting the filmmakers was fantastic – the children had so many questions.

  • All technology was accessible for all children whatever their ability. A real hands on experience.

  • Many of the children really believed in the GBC. It is a day to remember for a long time. It will no doubt inspire some children to become filmmakers of the future.

  • Hands on and inspired lots of learning back at school across many different curriculum areas.

  • Our follow up lasted 3 weeks and the children were still 100% engaged with their learning.

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