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5 Steps Our Clients Use To Get Their Child
To Be A Highly Motivated Learner

Even If They Are Disengaged and Switched Off Right Now
(and have been for years!)  










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In this masterclass you will discover:

  • The 5 step framework our client's use to transform their children from bored, disengaged and having lost their way into passionate, motivated and switched on learners.

  • A simple structure that will give you clarity and confidence to lead your child towards a passion-fuelled, purpose driven life starting today.
  • Why relying on outside experts to re-engage your child with their education is the SLOWEST, most unreliable way to get them reaching their fullest potential.

  • How to use effective brain hacks to get your child leading their own learning within just 12 hours.

  • AND…how you can do all of this to ensure your child is curious, creative and excited to learn again!

Presented by

Julia Black

Julia, known as 'The Lights On® Mum', is the founder of Explorium and innovator behind the transformational learning framework Lights On®. She, along with her creative learning team, helps parents all over the world make sure their children are switched on for life-long success and happiness.

From LIGHTS OFF to LIGHTS ON® with just 2 hours a week!

'I used to be really scared of the future. I’ve gone from feeling like everything about me is rubbish and that I’m never going to have a life to feeling like a completely different person now! I want to go forward instead of sitting back and letting everything go past me.'

- Ollie, Age 14


'Right now, I’m in a place where if I continue doing what Explorium has taught me, in 3 or 4 years I’m going to be where I couldn’t even dream of at the beginning of the year - it’s been life-changing to say the least.'

- Archie, Age 13