Gift your child the opportunity to learn through their passions during school closures...

Join our inspiring Lights On® community for 3 days of creativity, exploration and hands-on learning at its very best. 

Join us to learn how to use our most powerful tool to switch on your child's motivation to learn, and enjoy creating through their passions.

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(Usually £49)

Jam with us this Tuesday to Thursday

Our Jams run every week.  You will be granted access to the private Jam Facebook group.  Please check your inbox for the join link as soon as you have signed up.   

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Lights On® Jams get your family a massive WIN in just a few hours.

In these weekly live events you will learn why:
  • Keeping your child busy through consumer-based learning is the worst thing you can be doing right now.
  • How to avoid your child being left behind with just standard skills, from the old school system, and instead ensure they are developing their natural born talents.
  • How to avoid wasting this precious time by sparking your child’s independence. 
  • How to ensure your child is developing a strong portfolio of incredible, tangible outcomes to show what they've been doing during lockdown. 


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What You Will LEARN From These 3 Days:

How To Think Differently About Your Child's Learning

Many parents right now are making the mistake to keep their children busy and recreating school at home. This is the time to rethink what real learning can look like for your family, now, and well into the future. Once you spark your child's true love of learning you'll never want to go back to the 'old way!'

How To Create The Right Environment To Nurture Learning

No matter how big or small your home is we give you a simple but highly effective tool that turns your home into a sweet shop of learning! Once you create this culture you'll be able to get your child developing their independence, giving you time to work from home! 

How To Spot Your Child's Natural Born Talents

Most parents miss the vital clues our children give us about where their true passion, and natural gift and genius lies. When you know what to look for you can easily spot the magic and redesign your educational strategy to nurture, not squash, their learning, and make sure they have a fantastic portfolio to remember this unique time in their lives when schools closed down!

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Your hosts at the Pop-Up Event!

Julia Black

Founder & CEO of Explorium
Creator of Lights On® & obsessed with learning about learning!

Corinne Williams

Published Author, Embodiment Coach and Joy Guide who's crazy about bringing JOY to people's lives

Matt Treece

Enrolment Coach and Skateboard Fanatic who helps mums get clear about their vision for their child's education.

Jane Black

Project Planner & big sister to Julia, making things run smoothly behind the scenes to support Mums light up their families learning landscapes!

Let's get Jamming!

Lights On® Jam (1 Ticket)


(Usually £49)

  • 3 days of LIVE trainings held in our Private FB Group Virtual Creative Learning Space (10am Tuesdays to 6pm Thursdays)

  • Life-time Access to our Lights On® Jam training portal

  • Doors OPEN to the Private FB Group from the Monday of the weekly Jam & close Sunday evening

NOTE: Any Purchases after Tuesday at 5pm enters you for the following weekly Jam.

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(Usually £196)

  • 4 weeks inside our Private FB Group Virtual Creative Learning Space (10am Tuesdays to 6pm Thursdays).

  • Life-time access to our Lights On® Jam training portal.

  • Doors OPEN to the FB group from the Monday of the weekly Jam and you remain in here until the end of your monthly ticket.

    NOTE: Any Purchases after Tuesday at 5pm enters you for the following weekly Jam.
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Got A Question?

This learning event is designed for busy mums who now find themselves with children learning at home with them. If you have a child age 3-12 and want to know how to discover their unique strengths & passion - this training is for you. You just need to find 3 hours max during the dates of the event to make the most of this.

All of our live Jams start on Tuesday at 10am and end on Thursday at 6pm BST. We hold these events every week.

Upon booking, you will receive your own training portal with the activities to do with your child. You need as little as 30 minutes a day but obviously the more you commit the bigger your results. Julia and Corinne go live throughout the day so you can ask questions and tap into their expertise.

Due to the current global crisis we have discounted this learning adventure to £20 from £49. That's incredible value for 3 days of fun and expert educational guidance. Once you are able to find your child's switch EVERYTHING changes. Going into 2020 knowing where to focus your attention for their educational strategy will transform your ability to future proof your child. 

Due to the live nature of this event and the fact it is incredible value refunds are not available.

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