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6 fun, creative learning challenges designed to test and strengthen your family's mindset!

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Short Story Superstars

Delivered in bite-size and easily digestible short video and activities Esme has designed this 6 module online course so your child re-discovers their passion for storytelling and develops a life-long skill for creative writing. 

In these 6 modules Esme gives your child the tools and techniques to create a short story. She immerses them in the fun side of creative writing so they can use the power of their words to bring their ideas and vivid imagination to life. 


At The End Of Short Story Superstars Your Child Will:

  • Have an original short story to add to their learning portfolio

  •  Understand what builds a great story

  •  Develop a technique to create characters

  •  Understand how to use details to create atmosphere

  •  Understand how to create a structure that works

  •  Know how to get over writer's block

  •  Be familiar with draft critique to create a short story

  •  Know how to write a blurb - Short description of the story

What People Are Saying:

Thank you Esme! Elora and Elio have done module 1 and 2 yesterday afternoon. I left them to it but I kept my ears open. Elora has taken to it with gusto and helping Elio along. In a week now of homeschooling, she has grown wings! Mental wings that is and declared that she hasn't enjoyed learning that much since Reception! Her short story became a longish story. The word games made them both laugh and they had quite a giggle while making them... Anyway, thanks Esme, they are enjoying it!


Zoey is definitely a story-teller. There is always a story in her head. She is interested in the video lessons by Seb and Esme (and Daisy) because it's a peer teaching her. And, she is able to do the follow on her own. She prefers to work next to someone who is doing the same thing (us), but is quite capable of completing the tasks independently. The videos are wonderful quality, and challenging enough to hold her interest. They are a perfect length to keep her engaged as well. She also is proud of what she produces, and asks to share it back with the creators all the time.