We believe parents can change the world… And it is part of our bigger mission to empower them to do so.

Your whole identity shifts when you become a parent.
You are now responsible for raising another human being.
That can feel overwhelming at times.
Daunting. A scary place to be.

It can of course also feel exhilarating, inspirational and the best thing ever.

We are committed to helping as many parents as
we can dial into the latter! We call this adventure
‘becoming a Lights On® parent’!

This year we are committing 5% of our profits to support programmes that align with our mission. We are currently in the process of finding those partners to support and will update this page when we have some news.

Please feel free to email us at [email protected] if you have a social impact project that we should know about. In particular we are looking at supporting mother’s empowerment projects, young mental health and education.