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Free video training series:

3 Keys To Get Your Child Engaged With Learning...

So that you can decide, with confidence, is it back to school or continue with home learning after lockdown? 


In this free video series you'll find out:

- The 3 keys to get your child engaged with passion-led, purpose-driven learning. 

- 5 simple steps to spark your child’s independence and ownership over their learning so you don't feel overwhelmed.

- How to ensure your child is developing a strong learning mindset so they can build up a portfolio of tangible outcomes that authentically showcase what they are truly capable of achieving.

- The exact framework to follow so your child is not left vulnerable with only standardised skills, and ensure they are developing their natural born talents and unique capabilities.

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This free training is hosted by:
Julia Black - Educational Disruptor and I
nnovator Behind Lights On®

In this free 3-part video training series and live event, you'll learn how to get your children engaging with their passions, so they can build up a strong portfolio of tangible evidence beyond the grades, find their true purpose and know what is the right success pathway for them.

Lights On® Families All Around the World Have Used These Steps And Seen Amazing Results:

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"Thank you Julia for helping me realise there were projects already happening with James and potential learning to embrace and take deeper. We’ve experienced every emotion from laughter to frustration, hit puzzling hurdles, built and rebuilt...We've really understood the importance of the portfolio too. James is really pleased with the results and keen to keep going."

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"What an absolutely uplifting and positive way to learn. Maria has so much freedom and joy in her day. I love what a difference learning in this way makes. We are strong, self-led learners and we have so much freedom to explore and learn about the things we are interested in - even when things get tough."

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"I'm trying new things and challenges, getting okay with being vulnerable and trusting I can do this. It feels exciting to know that anything is possible. Life was dark and now a light has been switched on and we are all beginning to glow. We are growing and open to opportunity. I can see a difference in my family and I will never go back."
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"My son, who was at rock bottom with mental health issues this time last year was absolutely broken…

To now you see him confident, comfortable in his skin, loving life and running his first stall at a local hospital raising awareness for mental health issues is amazing.

Honestly, James is shining like a flood light at the moment!... I haven't words really to explain how I feel about this!!!"

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"I had a chat with Jack and followed your advice Julia Black. WOW. Just WOW. Best conversation we've had in months. I realise I've been scared to talk to him as I used to because of his seemingly resistance to anything suggested or asked. I told him I'd met this great bunch of mums who had been learning everything I wanted to know to help him and they were going to help me do just that."

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"The vision, experience, knowledge expertise and passion of Julia & Corinne, the support of the academy, its online course and other parents is absolutely what I had been desperately crying out for for a long while now to give me the courage to put into action the beliefs I've had for many years about the right way to support our children in learning both at home and in school."
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"I am grateful to have found the Lights On® community. It is early days for our family, however we are already seeing improvements. Julia, Corinne and the team stretch the whole family to reach their potential, change views for the better and encourage engagement as a family and in life."

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"Lights On® has been a game changer for my family. My son was refusing school and I couldn't understand why he was no longer 'getting the grades'. With the support and guidance of the Lights On® team my 9 year old is smiling once again, no longer squashed by a school system that didn't recognise his full potential. We are adopting the Lights On® principles as a family and I am so excited about the possibilities that are consequently going to open up for all of us."

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"To know there are like minded people with the same visions and the skills to help me access my and my family’s learning experience is an incredible feeling. We have come so far in such a short time. I look forward to how this journey unfolds with eager anticipation."

Julia Black

Julia is a social entrepreneur, education disruptor and neurocoach. She is creator behind the transformational framework, Lights On® and CEO of the online Lights On® Academy. Using brain science and real world learning her team help parents uncover their children's passion so they can lead their learning with more purpose and get them on the right success path for them, and ultimately live a life making money doing something they love.  

She is a featured expert on Raising Entrepreneurial Children in the international bestseller What Every Mompreneur Needs To Know. She is a regular guest on podcasts sharing her insight into why parents need to get their children on a new success path because grades ≠ success in life beyond education.


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