Set Your Child Up For A Lifetime Of Success

Doing What They Love

Regardless Of Their Academic Grades Or Engagement In Learning So Far

During this free training series you’ll discover the proven strategy that gets your child intrinsically motivated to learn. A strategy that ensures they go deep with their learning and produce tangible evidence of what they are capable of achieving beyond the grades... so they can flourish in our uncertain future.

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Meet Julia Black

Julia is a social entrepreneur, education disruptor and neurocoach. She is creator behind the transformational framework, Lights On® and CEO of the online Lights On® Academy.  Using brain science and real world learning her team transform tired, frustrated parents into inspiring educators. They train them how to lead their children towards exponential learning so that they can tap into their passions and natural born talents and learn what it takes to live a life making money doing something they love. 

She is a featured expert on Raising Entrepreneurial Children in the international bestseller What Every Mompreneur Needs To Know. She is a regular guest on podcasts sharing her insight into why  parents need to get their children on a new success path because grades ≠ success in life beyond education.

Julia is obsessed with learning and growth and for the past 12 years, since she began solving the problem school presented for her own children, she has learned how to neurohack and uplevel her own brain to better understand the full extent of human potential. 

Julia believes there are 3 keys that unlock success in the 21st Century and Julia is committed to getting more parents aware that they need to step away from the old school thinking and start becoming a whole lot more illuminated.