The Real Reason Your Child Doesn't Want to Learn

Plus all the insight you need to switch them back on


Based on the latest neuroscience, and 1000s of hours of working with children, my inside-out approach to learning gets to the root of your child’s disengagement and EMPOWERS you to EMPOWER them to own their learning process, be resilient, take risks, and reconnect with their passions.

It’s like having an educationalist in your back pocket!

This ebook will help you deeply understand your child as a learner, uncover what truly lights them up, and become a co-creator of the culture of curiosity and discovery within your home.

Look, I’m sure you can feel it in your gut...

...There is NO problem with your child.

The old-school, outdated educational system is just not serving them (or ANYone, really)!

In our changing world, it’s time to embrace a NEW system. One that is passion-led, curiosity-driven, backed by research, and limited only by our imaginations!


  • If you’re wondering what happened to your curious, engaged, creative child, and are considering an educational assessment...
  • If you’ve tried countless ways to make learning “fun” but just can’t seem to figure out something that works...
  • If you’ve started blaming yourself, your child’s teachers, or ‘too much screen time’...
  • If you know that “good grades” aren’t the only metric for success, but still cling to the idea of straight A’s...
  • If you hate seeing your child struggle and want to help, but just have no idea what to do...

Then it’s time to explore a new, revolutionary approach
for families who dream big!

Maybe you can’t control what happens in the classroom, but you can be the spark that lights up their world. Let me help you see your child’s potential through the lens of an experienced educator (that’s me)!


Use my 3 Step Learning Audit to understand HOW your child learns and what YOU can do to leverage their strengths and switch on their passions.

Step 1 - Get Clear on Your Child's Learning Identity

Take our learning mindset quiz to find out what kind of learning mindset you and your family have now!

Step 2 - Discover if You’re Using the 3 Keys to Learning

Use our 3 key assessment tool to find out whether every member of your family is making full use of the 3 essential keys for learning.

Step 3 - Identify Where You Are On Our Success Path

Now that you know your family’s learning mindsets, it is time to figure out where you are on our Success Path and the steps you need to take to move to where you want to be!

It only takes ONE adult to spark a child’s lifelong love of learning -- Will it be you?



Inside this FREE eBook, I'll show you how to get to the heart of your child’s disconnect with education and create the roadmap to reignite the joy of learning for the long haul. No worksheets, no power struggles, no ‘make learning fun’ gimmicks or homeschooling necessary!

I empower parents with inside-out learning strategies that facilitate self-motivation and curiosity. I integrate this approach with brain-based, neuroscience-backed research to reorient parents as guides in their children’s educational journey. (And empower children to take it from there!)

We are here to work with “the system”-- not against it. My goal is to teach you a model led by your child’s interests and passions, that seamlessly integrates with your child’s entire learning experience for life--

--Without the need to take your child out of school or other serious interventions!

Once your child explores learning through their passions, you’ll watch them take ownership of their learning.

At Lights On® we encourage children to take risks, create drafts, accept critique, and break down big goals into attainable chunks, to keep them engaged and achieve what is important to them!

I’m on a mission to help 10 Million families transform the
trajectory of their child’s learning by 2025.

Getting this FREE book into parent’s hands is the first step…

Are you ready to help your child achieve more than you thought possible?


Finally, you’ll have the intel to hyperfocus on what matters most and guide your child (and family) to a lifetime of boundless curiosity!

“This has been the single missing piece in the puzzle. It's really transformed how we home educate. There's a step-by-step process to follow all laid out for you. It's a pathway that leads to heaven. It's amazing. You know, just watching how the kids grow and bloom and are coming into themselves and just seeing the lights on, I think for us, the happiness that they have, that we have as a family, that is priceless. That level of happiness, you get through Lights On, shifting in about a two-month period going from I can’t to I absolutely can. And it's okay to fail along the way. This way of learning is so liberating.”

Rudi and Fiona Jansen, Entrepreneurs

"When I learned about Julia’s Lights OnⓇ Framework (the 3 Keys), everything became so crystal clear. Julia’s expertise is outstanding! The Lights OnⓇ Framework is so simple to implement, so effective, so robust. I mean, it’s your entire programme right there!"

Sarah Nykoruk, Educator, Master Neurocoach, Podcaster - Teaching Little Brains

"As an educator of over 25 years, when I found the Lights On® Framework, I was blown away. There is nothing else like this out there for parents. The training within the Toolkit is based on cutting edge educational practice, the neuroscience of teaching and learning, and mental well-being research. It’s this combination that sets it apart. This really is top notch professional development and implementing it really does bring about whole family transformation, as we are discovering!"

Paula Taylor-Williams - Former Head Teacher turned Entrepreneur

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The Real Reason Your Child Doesn't Want to Learn

Plus all the insight you need to switch them back on

Find out the REAL reason your child has disengaged from learning... and HOW to empower them to re-engage with passion!