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We help parents uncover their child’s passion so they can develop a portfolio and follow a success pathway aligned to their true purpose.

It’s Time To Get Your Child Switched On To Learning In Our Lights On® Academy!

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed with trying to get your child engaged with learning then it’s time to remove any old school thinking that might be holding you back from switching on their lights.

Use our brain-based Lights On® Learning framework to get your child to be intrinsically motivated and an independent learner.

There’s a simple reason why your child is refusing to engage in their education as much as you would like.

All children are natural born learners capable of achieving extraordinary things but sometimes they lose their courage and self belief and start avoiding the one thing that will guarantee their success.

Firstly, let's look at whether any of this sounds familiar...

  • You seem to be working harder than they do to get them to engage in education. No matter what you try nothing seems to light them up. 

  • You feel your values of what you want for your child (to be happy and mentally healthy) are out of alignment with what is expected of them from the traditional school system (to meet the grades). But you can't get any forward momentum and feel stuck because they're not engaging with anything you suggest. 

  • You’re overwhelmed by not knowing what they should be learning and realise how disconnected they are from taking ownership of their learning.

  • It’s been ages since you saw them really fired up and excited about their education and you are scared that if they continue in this way they won't have much to show for what they are truly capable of achieving, beyond the grades. 

  • You know your child is capable of so much more, and are frustrated that no-one else gets to see them like you do. You have NO idea how to help them have the confidence to really shine.

  • You often find yourself thinking things like, “I’m not sure I can do this, but if I don't help them engage who will?” and you feel the full weight of responsibility on your shoulders. You actually feel very alone.

If you recognise any of these then somewhere along the way your child stopped owning their learning and no matter what you do it's going to feel an uphill struggle. 

Here’s the good news: More tutors, more classes, more opportunities are not the answer. To get them re-engaging with learning you need to stop looking for solutions on the outside. All the answers you need are right there inside your child.

You just need the manual that will get you there before your own lights go out.

So why are you stuck in this place?

Because right now your family's brains are not wired for learning in the way they need to be.  

It’s time to

TRANSFORM Your CHILD'S Engagement In Learning From The Inside Out

  • The way your child will learn best is exploring through their strengths, passions and natural born talents. We think about it as connecting the head, heart and hands so the internal neuro-circuitry is wired for learning.

  • Your child's brain (their internal operating system) is hardwired to keep them safe and alive, not successful and happy. This means as soon as they perceive a threat, like the potential to fail at something or being laughed at if they say something 'wrong', their brains trick them to play it safe.

  • Your own old school thinking that drives your educational decisions means you try to solve the 'wrong' problem with outdated solutions. You go into overdrive to solve THEIR PROBLEM (to stop your own fears) and the more you do the more your child's brain is alert to the 'threat'.

  • That threat is no longer being laughed at in the classroom, it is now about their self worth, being accepted, and of course the big one, being loved. 

Your old school thinking (in your own brain trying to keep you safe from failing your child) is no longer serving them or you. Instead of getting your child motivated to learn it's forcing you to…
  • Focus on your child's weaknesses and what they can't do, rather than on their natural born talents, making it impossible for them to get out of fight, flight or freeze mode. 

  • Take on full responsibility to get them passing their exams (so they can get a job), depriving them of taking full ownership themselves and keeping them passive. 

  • Struggle with making decisions that could quickly get your child's lights back on, leaving your child's brain to very effectively hardwire in limiting beliefs that will hold them back throughout their lives. 

  • Wonder what is it that other parents know that you don't because it feels like clearly you’re missing something.

Join the Lights On® Academy

None of this is your fault. You didn’t know your old school thinking was hardwired in to keep YOU safe. You've bought into the outside-in model of education even though you could see it was no longer serving your child, because if someone else is getting it wrong then it's not you failing - right?

Now it’s time to level up to lead your whole family to learn with their Lights On®. 

Most children in our current education system never step far outside of their comfort zone. They never take risks with their learning or stretch themselves enough to create something that shows what they are truly capable of achieving. But now you know there’s a more illuminated way to think about your child's education. 

Your old school thinking has been holding you back...

and now it’s time for a whole family system upgrade.

When you change the way you think about your child's education you unlock a completely new way for your child to identify as a learner.

Here’s what happens:

  • You focus in on the 3 keys that lead to successful, happy learning; PASSION, MINDSET and TIME and you instantly lead your child to learn through their strengths (instead of trying to put a band aid over their weaknesses).

  • Their success in life becomes inevitable because it starts now, as they discover what they are capable of achieving and develop strategies, or collaborations, to overcome their weaknesses (instead of wandering aimlessly through their educational careers).

  • Their grades become irrelevant as they build up a portfolio of tangible evidence of their passion projects, and they have a clear direction to focus on for their own growth (instead of feeling like their academic outcomes will determine their future) 

  • Your child starts motivating others around them, their attitude to learning is inspiring and you finally see the evidence that you were right to trust your gut instincts (instead of feeling judged by everyone around you).

  • You have more time for your own passions and can start reconnecting with your dreams, because your child is learning independently and creatively and giving you the personal freedom you've been craving (instead of putting your own life on hold until your children leave home).


Lights On® is your invitation to transform your vision for your whole family into reality.

You can literally walk to the next level of success and happiness by starting to think like a Lights On® family.

You no longer need to try one thing after another and not get lasting results. You can have EXACTLY what you want for your family AND stay true and authentic to who you were all born to be. 

So upgrade your thinking and make sure your child has the opportunity for Lights On® learning available to them so they can use the 3 keys: Passion. Mindset. Time. 

When you do, you’ll finally start to see your child re-emerge as a curious, intrinsically motivated and passionate learner, just like they were when they were a toddler! 

You’ll know where to focus your attention to make the best decisions to keep their lights switched on (and to know how to respond when their lights dim or go out momentarily).

That is what a Lights On® family's life looks like - following your passions to live a life doing what you were born to do.

It’s waiting for you. Are you ready? 

Your child's success is all in your mind – literally!

What if I told you that the secret to your family growing as highly successful learners was down to your rock solid belief in them AND yourself? 

What you think informs your actions, and how you act informs your reality. This is the foundation of neuropsychology and brain-science behind Lights On®. It is the key to transforming your family's life from the inside out.

So how would the wildly successful version of you thinkact, and perform? How would you show up for your family?

Probably different to the way you’re thinking or acting right now. And that’s why you’re here.

If you want to create change and start seeing the results our Lights On® families achieve, you need to rewire out your old school thinking with new illuminated thoughts that serve you, your child and your whole family. Only then can you really know that you have your family wired for learning with their Lights On®. 

It is TIME to design 
YOUR Lights On® Family Adventure! 


Through our proven Lights On® programme you will uplevel your own thinking to be able to facilitate the right learning environment for your child to passionately engage in learning. 

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In the Lights On® Academy, you will learn to think and act as an illuminated parent.

Tune into the mindset of any successful educator—their way of thinking and belief in the child—and you will finally achieve the switched on, intrinsically motivated learners you’ve been envisioning for your whole family.

The Lights On® Academy is a virtual learning programme, that will show you how to get your child passionately engaged in learning, so you can make sure they are fully future-proofed for our ever-changing world. 

You’ll learn how to use the 3 keys to success, PASSION, MINDSET and TIME, to engage your child towards self leadership in their learning, taking you away from overwhelm and frustration of pushing or pulling them through their educational careers,  allowing you to focus on reimagining and realising your own dreams.

Through the Lights On® Academy, you will:

  • Gift your child the right to learn in their own unique way by identifying their 'switch' and flushing out any of your old school thinking that is holding them back. 

  • Become an inspiring parent by strengthening your mindset and using the strategies our team use to get transformations in children, teenagers AND adults.

  • Create a learning environment that sets your whole family up for success so you can stop hitting your head against the brick wall of our school system and realign your values with your educational strategy.

  • Facilitate your child to grow as a learner at an exponential rate by slowing their learning down and meeting them with the EXACT next step they need in the moment.

  • Say goodbye to overwhelm by moving towards a life and way of learning that is driven from the inside out. 

  • Future-proof your family, by setting up an incredible learning portfolio for you all, so you never have to rely on grades to get you all where they want to go in life. 
Join the Lights On® Academy

Hear from some of our Lights On® mums who have transformed their families from the inside out, giving their children back the right to learn in their own unique way, reclaiming their own freedom by reconnecting to their passions.

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"Thank you Julia for helping me realise there were projects already happening with James and potential learning to embrace and take deeper. We’ve experienced every emotion from laughter to frustration, hit puzzling hurdles, built and rebuilt...We've really understood the importance of the portfolio too. James is really pleased with the results and keen to keep going."

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"What an absolutely uplifting and positive way to learn. Maria has so much freedom and joy in her day. I love what a difference learning in this way makes. We are strong, self-led learners and we have so much freedom to explore and learn about the things we are interested in - even when things get tough."

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"I'm trying new things and challenges, getting okay with being vulnerable and trusting I can do this. It feels exciting to know that anything is possible. Life was dark and now a light has been switched on and we are all beginning to glow. We are growing and open to opportunity. I can see a difference in my family and I will never go back."
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"My son, who was at rock bottom with mental health issues this time last year was absolutely broken…

To now you see him confident, comfortable in his skin, loving life and running his first stall at a local hospital raising awareness for mental health issues is amazing.

Honestly, James is shining like a flood light at the moment! I haven't words really to explain how I feel about this!"

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"I had a chat with Jack and followed your advice Julia Black. WOW. Just WOW. Best conversation we've had in months. I realise I've been scared to talk to him as I used to because of his seemingly resistance to anything suggested or asked. I told him I'd met this great bunch of mums who had been learning everything I wanted to know to help him and they were going to help me do just that."

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"The vision, experience, knowledge expertise and passion of Julia & Corinne, the support of the academy, its online course and other parents is absolutely what I had been desperately crying out for for a long while now to give me the courage to put into action the beliefs I've had for many years about the right way to support our children in learning, both at home and in school."
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"I am grateful to have found the Lights On® community. It is early days for our family, however we are already seeing improvements. Julia, Corinne and the team stretch the whole family to reach their potential, change views for the better and encourage engagement as a family and in life."

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"Lights On® has been a game changer for my family. My son was refusing school and I couldn't understand why he was no longer 'getting the grades'. With the support and guidance of the Lights On® team my 9 year old is smiling once again, no longer squashed by a school system that didn't recognise his full potential. We are adopting the Lights On® principles as a family and I am so excited about the possibilities that are consequently going to open up for all of us."

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"To know there are like minded people with the same visions and the skills to help me access my and my family’s learning experience is an incredible feeling. We have come so far in such a short time. I look forward to how this journey unfolds with eager anticipation."
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It is TIME to design YOUR Family's
Lights On® Adventure!

Join Lights On® Academy Now!
The Lights On® Academy is a virtual programme that guides you, step by step, to bring the 3 keys of Passion, Mindset and Time together using the principles of neuroscience and real world, project based learning.
It gives you everything you need to transform your whole family to learning through their strengths. 

Once you have signed up to the Lights On® Academy, you’ll be able to find your family's passions, rewire their brains for learning, and get them building up an incredible portfolio of creative, tangible outcomes, that they can be really proud of. This primes their brains, and yours, for success and builds up their intrinsic motivation skills and a knowledge base that fuels them to go deeper and deeper with their learning over their life-time. 

Join Lights On® Academy Now!

So what do you get when you join the Lights On® Academy?

A virtual training portal with simple tools, techniques and strategies, an amazing community of families who are committed to thinking differently about education, and support and coaching from our Lights On® team to ensure you flush out your old school thinking and rewire in new illuminated thoughts so you can lead your family on an incredible life-long Lights On® adventure. 

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Module 1: Locate Your Switch

To get your family to be Lights On® learners, you must think like one yourself.

You most likely still have an old school operating system influencing the culture of learning in your home. That all changes when you focus your attention on your family's passions and lead them to learn through their strengths.

In this module, you’ll begin the process of introducing illuminated thinking to your whole family. You’ll discover…

  • How to take ownership over your learning so you can create the right environment for learning to thrive.
  • The proven process for finding your child's switch so you can get them more engaged in learning, at home or school. 
  • How to notice the moments where learning takes place so you can draw out your child's natural born talents (we all have them!).

Once you know what’s possible for your family, because you are in tune with what learners you have in the mix, it’s time to look at wiring your family for success and happiness.

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Module 2: Get Wired For Learning

You know how some children, teens and adults always seem to achieve what they set out to do? Well this is where your family begins to use the tools to grow your learning mindsets, so that you are all capable of dreaming big and reaching those goals. 

What successful people have in common are proven strategies that help them tap into the power of their minds.

In this module, you’ll start to transform the way your family uses the emotions that surround learning to your advantage. You’ll discover…

  • How to harness your family's neuroplasticity so they actively start to seek out growth opportunities.
  • How to tap into the science of motivation so your family becomes intrinsically driven to reach outcomes.
  • How to make obstacles your family's biggest learning advantage where you all dig in rather than give up. 

Once you’ve started the process of getting your family rewired then it's time to start linking up all the elements of their internal learning circuitry. 

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Module 3: Switch Your Lights On

Start to think about what adventures you could go on with your family if you are learning through your passions, fully wired to learn with your lights on full beam! It's time to go deep and start building up an inspiring portfolio of tangible creative outcomes. 

The way we learn, from the inside out, is through creative, hands-on projects that lead to tangible, visible outcomes. 

In this module you’ll learn our proven strategies that will have your family proud of what you can all achieve. You’ll discover...

  • How to use our 6 step project plan so your family follows through towards final outcomes (and doesn't just move from activity to activity) 
  • The strategies that will get your family putting in the time and effort, so you all autograph your work with an ethos of excellence (not to be confused with perfectionism)
  • How to become a creative learning designer that inspires and motivates your family to wake up every morning excited to learn. 

Now that you have all these tools in your skillset, it’s time to take make learning REAL and bring in those crucial 4C skills: Communication, Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking.

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Module 4: Lights On® Learning Adventures

Achieving our dreams happens when we take small steps every day to make them come true. So now you have a culture of learning set up, it is time to get creative because this is where learning gets real so you can build up that portfolio of tangible, authentic outcomes. This is where your family gets to show what they are truly capable of achieving.

To help you we've included some Done For You project designs.

In this module, you’ll learn how to make sure your family are extending their depth of skills and breadth of knowledge. You'll discover...

  • How to design projects that cross over a range of disciplines and separate subjects, such as writing, science, maths (we know you wanted this, right!).
  • How your child can build their independence by designing their own projects, from something that sparked their interest or imagination. 
  • How to use the power of reflection, gratitude and celebration to continue to hardwire in that identity of being Lights On® learners. 

Once you’ve got your family learning in this way the possibilities are endless. 

With these powerful materials inside the Lights On® Academy (which you have lifetime access to!), you’ll have everything you need to get your family learning with their Lights On® straight away.


Join with the Sparkie Support Option and get powerful support through

6 weeks of Live, Interactive

Get targeted, personalized help as you work through the Lights On® framework! 

Fast-track your transformation for your family's success with personalized, in-depth feedback as you work through the Lights On® Academy. You’ll receive 6 weeks of intimate live group coaching, where our Lights On® coaches and Sparkie support team will help you pinpoint what’s holding you back, identify how to move forward, and gain momentum towards your vision. 

We’ll dive deeper into each element of Lights On® to help you implement and embed a culture of learning in your home. You'll have the opportunity to ask specific questions and receive 1:1 feedback from us, as well as learning from your Lights On® peers, so you can get your children re-engaging with learning faster than you could ever imagine.

Join Lights On® with Sparkie Support and be part of the movement of families who stand for the right for every child around the world to learn in their own unique way. 
There’s so much more to the Lights On® Academy than the programme itself. Whether you take advantage of the personalized support in the Sparkie Support Group Coaching Option, or choose the DIY option, you’ll also receive…
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Videos, Training and Exercises

to walk you through every module and give you practical activities and questions for reflection

You’ll gain access to videos and exercises within each module to help you understand the science and educational philosophy behind Lights On®. These are designed to ground your learning and get you taking action straight away. The videos are short and easy to complete, and we include an audio version and transcripts where applicable. 

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Live Q&A Sessions

…to help you get your family transitioning into the Lights On® way of learning 

Once a month, you’ll have access to Julia Black, the creator of Lights On®, through a Facebook Live Q&A session. She will expand upon the materials within the Academy portal, so you can see how these concepts can be put into practice within your family life.



Weekly creative briefs and Wired for Learning challenges

so you can all get hands-on, learning and creating through your passions whilst developing your Lights On® learning mindset.

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Super-Engaged And Inspiring Community Access

…so you can connect with other like-minded Lights On® families

As the saying says 'it takes a village to raise a child' - well here's where you get to be part of a global village where we're all on the same page about where we're leading our children as learners! The families who have made the biggest breakthroughs in our Lights On® community have all shown up and drawn on the support of our incredibly powerful community of mums, dads and grandparents. When you join the Lights On® Academy with Sparkie Support, you’ll have access to these changemaker families who are light years ahead in their thinking and commitment to instilling a powerful, learning culture in their homes.

The Lights On® Academy will show you exactly how to think, act, and perform at a higher level so you can step out of overwhelm, frustration and stress and finally get your whole family passionately engaged and motivated to learn. 
All you need is a shift in perspective and a willingness to take action to gift your family the right to learn in their own unique way.


I’m Julia Black and I’m living proof that learning with your Lights On® transforms your life!


As a mum of two, I experienced first hand how our current school system can fence in our children's learning. So I got hands on and started problem solving. 

I could see, firsthand, the damaging effect on children's mental health when their lights start to dim as a result of not being seen, heard or understood.

Something clearly had to change.

I won a national PTA award for Changing The Life Of The School and became bolder in my mission. 

I set up a Creative Learning Centre, took my kids out of school, and started to develop an innovative learning practice for children who were home educated, flexi-schooled and in full-time school. 

We collaborated with 15 local schools, and opened up on a school site.

I witnessed the crisis in learning as I saw how many children and teenagers had become switched off and disconnected as learners. They were passive and not taking ownership.

The solution isn't just changing the external learning environment in our schools. It's bigger than that. It's about getting children to learn from the inside out. Empowering them to claim the right to learn in their own unique way, however their brains are wired. It is about getting them to take back full ownership because if a child's lights are out then they simply cannot learn. 

Lights On®, the transformative educational framework I now use with families all round the world, is the result of 10,000s of hours of delivering hands on creative learning to 1000s of children age 4 right up to adults!

It is also the result of my passion of unlocking our truest potential in own unique and authentic way. Everyone has something they can be amazing at; we just need to help them find it and then give them the opportunity to dive deep into that adventure.

I've had to neurohack my own brain to uplevel to push through the obstacles I've faced as an educational disruptor and social entrepreneur. What I have discovered, is it is our thinking that holds us all back in life. 

This is where we have the potential to evolve our education system big time. Take ownership over our own thoughts and EVERYTHING I've trained as a neurocoach to prove how ordinary mums (like me) could transform their children's learning outcomes in as little as 8 weeks simply by changing their THINKING!  

Thanks to all the changemaker families who are leading the way, so far, and are proving that Lights On® has the potential to evolve education as we know it. 

Our mission is to reach 10 million families by 2025 through our online Lights On® programmes. Each family who comes on board will be contributing to us pushing through to get EVERY CHILD the right to learn in their own unique way, as we ensure this is firmly on the educational agenda. 

#thisislightson #10millionfamilies #educationevolution

The Lights On® Academy isn’t for everyone...

This is where I get honest with you. While anyone is capable of introducing a culture of Lights On® learning into their home it takes a very specific person to transfom their family's learning.

The parents who see massive results leading their children through our roadmap Passion > Purpose > Pathway also recognise they need to upgrade their own internal operating system. That is when they begin to see their children as learners like we do - capable of achieving ANYTHING they set their minds to. 

The Lights On® Academy is not for someone who is looking to keep their child busy with old school activities or who wants to nurture their child's mental wellbeing on the side.

It’s not for any parent who will look for external reasons for why this doesn't work when they hit internal roadblocks. Remember: the way you think creates your reality. More importantly the way YOU think creates YOUR CHILD's reality.

And it is definitely not for those who are looking for a surface-level, band-aid training, strategy, or quick tip.

You have to be willing to look inside and commit to whole family transformation. This is your opportunity to bring a renewed sense of freedom into your home during your children's educational careers. Be prepared to look at yourself as a learner, so you can make real changes to how you mentor, coach, facilitate and lead your child to learn. 

When you dive in and meet your child on their level that is when you will start to see their lights go on and they start building a portfolio full of rich purposeful learning.

That is when your own lights will go on too and you'll stop feeling overwhelmed, unfocused and stressed by your child not engaging with learning. Your new focus will be on how to keep up with their exponential growth!

So if you’re ready to transform your family's attitude to learning, their habits, mindset, and future potential you know there is no more time for excuses.

You know that the key to becoming a Lights On® family starts by looking inward and using our scientifically proven strategies that dive deep into what it means to be a learner. 

In short, you have to be willing to show up and take action. If you’re not on board with that, the Lights On® Academy won’t work for you. You’ll never get to turn your unique vision you have for your family into a reality.

But if you’re prepared to shift your perspective on what learning actually is and the level of investment needed to continually grow then the Lights On® Academy is definitely for you.

If you’re ready to commit to helping your child achieve something extraordinary, here’s my promise to you:

The fastest way to helping your child have success in both education and life beyond in the real world is by helping them find their passion, get them switched on to learning so they're engaged and help them develop a strong learning portfolio so they can engage with learning as the highest version of themselves.

The Lights On® Academy provides you with everything you need to change your family's learning mindset. I’m confident that our Lights On® framework will help your child find their passion and purpose to get on board their own unique success pathway. 

Of course, at the end of the day, you need to be willing to look deep inside and make changes to see results. Those who have followed my framework, done the work and taken the time to see their child's learning through this new lens have seen incredible results. Their children are more engaged, they have more quality time as a family and their children are doing better in school.

If you do the work, you will see results. If you don’t do the work, you can’t expect to make progress.

It’s time to give your child back the right to learn in their own unique way and transform them into thriving Lights On® learners, engaged with their passions so they can go on to live full of purpose.

If you’re ready to help your child discover their own unique strengths and talents, help them build a portfolio of tangible evidence of what they're capable of then Lights On® Academy is made for you.

When you enroll with Lights On® Sparkie Support you’ll unlock:

  • 6-weeks of live, interactive coaching and so you can get started with personalised support, as you begin your Lights On® Academy learning adventure.

And all members of the Lights On® Academy, both DIY and Sparkie Support, will receive:

  • Lifetime access to the Academy training portal, including all future updates, so you can focus on creating lasting long-term success for family. This gives you 5 modules with short powerful lessons about how to put Lights On® into practice. 
  • Additional resources and tools to help you gain the most value from your experience.

  • Live monthly Q&As where we expand upon the framework so you can go deeper with putting these concepts into practice.

Your old school thinking that might have served you so far, won't keep working much longer.

You might be tempted to ignore this opportunity to join the Lights On® Academy and continue trying to problem-solve on your own with all the free resources that are swamping the online space right now. After all if the professionals couldn't get your child to be a highly engaged, motivated and persistent learner, then what makes you think you can?

The thing is - the professionals couldn't do it precisely because they were not working with YOU. That is the game changer here.

You commit to solving this problem once and for all. This is where you stop relying on others, but you go all in and don't stop until you get your family's lights on.

Otherwise you know how this pans out - no-one else will get to see your child as you do.

They won't get to bring their passions to the forefront of their learning.

They don't get to learn through their purpose.

They don't get to build a portfolio of extraordinary tangible outcomes that only THEY could have produced.

It’s time to start learning and living from the inside out.

A life where your child's education and your own life dreams are aligned and not in conflict with your values. 

You know you’re at a cross roads. You’re standing on the threshold of something hugely exciting. You know it’s time for an upgrade for your whole family's internal learning circuitry. 

Choose your Lights On® pathway and commit to your whole family's success

Lights On®
With Sparkie Support

  • 6 weekly live coaching sessions so you can access personalised support from our team's expertise, as you get hands-on with the Lights On® Framework. Each week we focus on a different element of Lights On® so you can go deeper by drawing on our team's expertise.  

  • Online training programme taking you step-by-step through the Lights On® framework so your family can explore their unique success pathways.

  • Simple tools, accessible short trainings get you started with hands-on, practical activities. This is where you bring brain-science and real world learning together so you become a Lights On® Family. 

  • Monthly Live Q&As with Julia Black, creator of Lights On® and certified neurocoach. 

  • All future updates to the online training portal are granted free, so you are assured of your family's ongoing success.

  • 8 weeks complimentary access to our Lights On® Jams in our virtual creative learning space to put Lights On® Learning into practice with our support.




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Lights On®
Academy DIY

  • Online training programme taking you step-by-step through the Lights On® framework so your family can explore their unique success pathways.
  • Simple tools, accessible short trainings get you started with hands-on, practical activities. This is where you bring brain-science and real world learning together so you become a Lights On® Family. 

  • All future updates to the online training portal are granted free, so you are assured of your family's ongoing success. 

  • 4 weeks complimentary access to our Lights On® Jams in our virtual creative learning space to put Lights On® Learning into practice with our support.



£197 TODAY

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What else do you need to know?

I want you to feel confident about your decision to join the Lights On® Academy, so here are answers to some questions you may still have.

Rewiring your entire family for success sounds hard. Is it really possible?

Yes! We've made the Lights On® framework really simple, so you can work on one small step at a time. Each step building upon the last to embed that Lights On® culture in your home. 

This sounds like a value-packed programme! Can I get through it all?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry. Each lesson is designed with the busy parent in mind, and they won’t take more than 15-20 minutes to complete. As you go through the materials, you’ll be working side-by-side with the Lights On® community. This means there’s built-in accountability and support to tap into.

Even better, you get lifetime access to the Lights On® Academy portal —so you can always revisit the materials again and again - which we highly recommend as a learning strategy!

I might want more personal attention and access to the coaches.

When you invest in The Sparkie Support option of the Lights On® Academy you receive access to 6 weeks of live coaching with Julia and her team, plus support with some of our Lights On® families who have been through our neurocoaching programme. So you’ll receive direct feedback on your questions and roadblocks and definitely have the support and attention you need. The monthly Live Q&A also grants every Academy member access to Julia, where you get to ask questions and receive personal feedback.

Are there payment plans available?

Yes, you may pay in full or make use of a payment plan for both the self-study and Sparkie Support option to the Lights On® Academy. Join today for as low as £197 a month.

What sort of results can I reasonably expect from this programme?

While each parent and family is different, the process we use is applicable to everyone, however their brains are wired. If you put in the work, you can expect real results.

Have other questions? Or want to talk about something specific to you and discover if the Lights On® Academy is a right fit for your family? Email us at [email protected] with your specific situation or question. We are standing by!


Say goodbye to old school thinking and hardwire in Lights On® Learning for your whole family.

YES — I am READY for the Lights On® Academy
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