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If you want a future proof solution to getting your children passionate about learning AND would love whole family transformation at the same time - you are definitely in the right place!


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Lights On® Academy

Our online Academy gives your family 12 months access to our thriving and creative Lights On® community so you can use our proven Lights On® framework, given to you in a step-by-step roadmap.

The coaching within the Academy FB group, and the community support from parents all around the world, will empower you to design the learning adventures that best suit you and your child. 

Perfect as a complement to your child’s learning in school, or providing you with a complete learning framework if your child is learning at home. Being part of our Academy ensures your child is learning through their strengths and passions, and building up a portfolio of tangible evidence at the same time. 

Switch Your Lights On®

Our 8 week transformative coaching programme is designed to help you, as a mum, remove your own mindset blocks and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from leading your children to become happy, curious and creative learners.  This is about empowering YOU to do what the experts are failing to achieve - allow your children to truly flourish into the learners they were born to be.

Intensive mindset coaching, neurohacking techniques, weekly Live calls, 1:1 and group support within an incredible community of mothers ensures you are set up to be the very best Lights On® team leader. You will learn how to model for your child what it is to be a strong, creative, life-long learner. These 8 weeks will fully empower you to be ready to confidently guide your family’s learning journey.

Lights On® University

This is the home for Lights On® Mums who are ready to lead their family towards exponential growth. When you arrive here, as graduates of our 8 week programme, you will 'know' that anything is now possible for your family and the only thing ever holding you back was YOU.  Liberated from old stories that kept you stuck all your life this is where you start to lead your family to go deeper into learning that you ever thought was possible, so you can all start to achieve extraordinary things together.

Your family’s learning adventure really takes off now. You and your child are flourishing, and their learning portfolio reflects who they really are. Its focus on real-world creative projects, tangible learning and vital 21st century skills means they are future-proofed well beyond any grades, and as a family you all feel valued for your unique contributions. You are truly living the life you always dreamed of.

Emma, mother of two, Lights On® University Learner

The 8 week coaching course has been incredible. Through a combination of course work, coaching calls and close support from the group members and coaches, I have discovered the real me.   I felt safe and supported to work through long standing beliefs which were holding me back and impacting on my family. I feel I have left this damaging baggage behind and know myself so much better. I am moving forward lighter, confident and ready to dream big and support my whole family to follow their dreams too.

Dawn, mother of 6, Switch Your Lights On® Graduate

Daunted but excited described my feelings at the start.

When I started the SYLO programme I wanted to discover how to create an amazing culture of learning in our home, the ultimate in personalised learning; learning that was not ‘done’ to my children, but was in sync with them as unique individuals. I wanted them to become lifelong learners, self-led, and going for excellence in their greatest passions. And I wanted them to enjoy the journey!

We are now strong, self-led learners and we have so much freedom to explore and learn about things we are interested in - even when things get tough.

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