Imagine If You Could Set Your Child Up For A Lifetime Of Success Without Stressing Over Their Grades.

Think of how much more freedom you'd have to focus on what they love learning about.

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Perhaps you'd finally have the happy, calm, connected family  you've been dreaming of, see incredible evidence of what they're capable of achieving, and feel confident your child has what it takes to succeed in life.

There's only one problem...


Getting your child engaging with their education is proving tricky!


Right now you're done with burning through your family budget engaging  costly online tutors, constantly buying new things that get discarded within hours, and feeling like you are putting in all the effort with nothing to show for your time. 

Fortunately, there's an easier way where YOU get to succeed too!


..identify your child's natural born talent

..get clear on their mindset growth opportunity

..begin to unleash their brilliance so you can feel confident they will be future-proofed beyond the grades.

Our next jam starts in...

Inside our innovative online learning programme, you'll get:

  • Access to our Virtual Creative Learning Space hosted every Tuesday to Thursday in a private FB group. This will give you the kickstart you need to feel confident you can engage your child with deeper, more fulfilling learning.

  • Your own online training portal with some of our proven Lights On® tools, techniques and strategies that we use as a team to transform unmotivated students into curious, life-long learners.

  • Individualised coaching for you as the parent, from one of our inspiring Lights On® Coaches, to help you identify the obstacles holding back your child's success as a learner.

  • Support and Inspiration from like-minded parents, who are all committed to passion-led, purpose-driven learning.

  • Greater connection within your whole family as your child opens up and trusts that you now see where their strengths and passions lie.  

  • Feedback and expert guidance to ensure you'll come out celebrating your child's unique strengths so you can get them on their individualised success pathway.

It's like having your own professional development coach...

without the £3,000 expense!

But don't just take our word for it.

Read what our Lights On® Families have to say:

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Julia Black and Corinne Williams, as well as all of you in here that have given me so much inspiration this week and so much to reflect on.

The free video series got me really excited, and the portal training, the lives and the challenges have really helped to open doors for me and my family to move forward in the right direction.

I have learned an awful lot about myself and about my children as learners.

Now I have opened a door to enable him to switch the lights back on in a way that school never could help.

So what an awesome opportunity I have to use the time of school closure in this way, thank you!”


“Our day has been non stop, started with the kids coming to me with ideas of what they wanted to do.

I have totally realised how standing back and allowing the kids to lead the way is much nicer way to go.

I have been here to mentor them though their ideas and encourage them to keep going or advise them on another way when it wasn't working.

My 12 year old boy who actually can't believe that this is our way of learning now and not the stressful school work that we both hated doing.

When my son said to me today mum would you like to see this I am really proud of it my heart burst with joy!!"


“Being involved in the jam has unleashed a part of me that I didn't know existed. I love a challenge.

This side of me hasn’t been exercised for a long time, if ever.

Thank you so much Julia and Corinne for your passion and bringing it to others. What’s been so great is that doing the Jam has made me realise that Emily’s love of her toys are her way in to learning.

She’s used her toys all her life, doing homework from school, all gathered around her and wanting me to be their voice.

I thought she was too old for this, (she's 11) although I kept it to myself, but now I realise how important it is for her. So a huge huge THANK YOU for that.”


Maybe even after reading what some of our newest Lights On® Families think, you're still on the fence. That's Ok.

You could ignore this offer and continue...

...Spending your time frustrated, stressed and in conflict just to get your child to do their school work

...worrying your child has nothing to show where their brilliance lies beyond the grades

...Feeling like your letting them down because no-one else sees what you see in them

...settling for just imagining they'll find their way to a fulfilling, purposeful career doing something they love.

Or, for just £24 you could join our Lights On® Jam and get...


  • Highly-effective, simple activities that will help you find your child's passions, strengthen their mindset and understand them as a learner.

  • The potential to reconnect your child's love of learning in just 3 days so they can return to school lit up and ready to learn.

  • professional high-level coaching on how to use our proven Lights On® framework that has transformed thousands of children from bored and disengaged learners into highly motivated, successful learners.

  • Access to our highly successful 'learning carousel' training that will show you how to find your child's passion and make highly-engaging 21st century learning simple and fun.

  • Your child engaging with learning through their passions so you can relax knowing they will find their way to a fulfilling, purposeful career doing something they love. 


If you're ready to set your child up for a lifetime of success without stressing over their grades, you'll want to take advantage of our

Special £24 introductory offer now (Usually £59!).


Please note, our last Jam session will be happening on July 14th before we close the doors for the summer. If you purchase after Tuesday, July 14th at 10am you will be automatically enrolled in our next Jam session starting on September 22nd.

1 Week Ticket

(Usually £59)


  • 3 days of LIVE trainings held in our Private FB Group Virtual Creative Learning Space (10am Tuesdays to 6pm Thursdays)

  • Life-time Access to our Lights On® Jam training portal

  • Doors OPEN to the Private FB Group from the Monday of the weekly Jam & close Sunday evening

    NOTE: Any purchases after Tuesday at 10am enters you for the following weekly Jam. Jams will not be running in August.
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