What Becomes Possible For Your Family When You Begin To Live With PURPOSE And PASSION?


Are you Ready To Break FREE From EVERYTHING That's Been Holding You Back In Life? 

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Even though lots of women, like me,
believe they are here to achieve great things in their life, they find themselves stuck in overwhelm, struggling to juggle all the family responsibilities and feeling a total failure on the inside.

Somewhere along the line those dreams you had slipped deep into the back of your mind.

It feels like it's all down to you and your needs are at the bottom of the list.
hinking about how to inspire your kids to learn on top of everything else, is a BIG stress, especially when nothing seems to be working. 

Most parents feel lost when it comes to getting their disengaged children switched back on to learning.

The Problem Is...

- You don't know what to do to help them believe in themselves as you're not sure you believe in yourself anymore.

- You feel unable to support them, or keep your cool, when they have the meltdowns and put up resistance as your 'cup is empty' - tired and emotionally drained.

- You're full of conflicting feelings because you know they are capable of so much and you want them to see the world of opportunity available to them. Yet when you look at them 'doing nothing' you struggle to believe the parenting mantra 'they'll be fine, they'll figure it out themselves'.  Will they? What if they don't? What if you let them down? 

- You don't actually know what you could be doing differently as you feel you've tried everything and yet wonder why other mums seem to have it all sorted.

That's not all...

You used to have it all together and had big dreams about making a difference in the world but now you seem lost, anxious at times, and chaotic in your approach to life. You might have a plan but you definitely lack a vision.

Most days you can cover it up by pushing down the negative feelings with sheer will power but every so often you snap at the kids and then feel guilty for what you've said. You are constantly sabotaging your success through your self-doubt and it's exhausting.

When you hear or see the success other families are having in re-engaging their children with learning you ask yourself 'what am I doing wrong?' and fall back into that spiral of negativity.

Then you are back where you started feeling a total failure AGAIN because why did you ever think you could solve this problem in the first place.

And, all of this is incredibly frustrating because you see just how much potential is tied up within your family that is just not getting expressed in any tangible way.

The ‘work hard and you’ll have success’ is an old school way of thinking in both education and the real world and it’s a strategy that no longer works and you want that life of ease and freedom that you see others talk about.  

 To help you 'Mum hack' your own mindset, removing the brain-based blocks and obstacles, I've created a programme to share with you the EXACT system that empowers parents to lead their whole family transformation


"Freedom The Lights On® Way!"

Secure your place by booking a one to one call with a member of my team to get your questions answered and start your journey to whole family transformation

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Putting YOU first so your whole family transforms. 


Just Imagine...:

  • Knowing that you are leading by example by living a purpose-filled, passion-led life 

  • Having a simple tool that allows you to reframe any situation so you can choose how you respond, rather than reacting with anger or frustration  

  • No longer have your old school thinking limit what's possible because you are demonstrating life-long learning and inspiring your family to ​EASILY apply themselves to new challenges in the real world.

  • Knowing the EXACT process to rewire your own negative thinking that transforms the way you show up for your family.

  • ​Using your time intentionally, with clear priorities and direction of travel as you realise your family vision

  • Getting to CELEBRATE massive family success when you all show up 100%  living from the inside-out because you now understand what it means to live life with your Lights On®. 

"It has been such a pleasure to work with you and I really feel like I have found my tribe. I’m so in awe of your super power - not only what you see in people but the way you communicate with them and the ease with which you see their next steps. You’ve certainly needed these super powers with me!!"

"You are the ‘teacher’ I’ll always remember...Through your passion and the most fantastic of your gifts, beyond ‘seeing’ people, the space you give people, big enough for them to be who they are, right there and then. The world needs your unique perspective you are reaching hearts where hearts aren’t aware they need to be reached, you guide humans to their truth. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And for my future self thank you. For my children’s wealth, health and happiness. Thank you. Just thank you!"

"We have been on an incredible adventure together. I am so happy you came into our lives Julia. You are an incredible person and inspiration. Thank you so much for the opportunities you have given me and my family. I have loved growing alongside you and I will keep showing up for myself. Thank you."




Unlike Other Programmes You May Have Tried My Programme

Focuses On Up-levelling YOUR Brain first.

Basically when you transform, your family can too. 

Walk Step By Step Towards Whole Family Transformation...

Taking Your Thoughts Off Autopilot

Identifying the thoughts that no longer serve you allows you to align your subconscious thinking with the reality you wish to create. 


Creating New Neural Networks 

Choose the thoughts you want to automate and begin the process of synaptic pruning of the limiting belief system and prime in a new empowering belief network.

Vision Priming

Believe it first and then you will see it. This is the big shift from a HAVE DO BE way of being (outside-in living) to a BE DO HAVE model (inside-out living). The life you want is 100% possible with your up-levelled thinking.  


BONUS #1 - 3 LIVE Connecting The Circuit Meditations with Corinne Williams, Embodiment Coach and Intuitive Guide

BONUS #2 - Stepping into your full power hypnosis - Silke Tyler, Master hypnotherapist

BONUS #3 - Crafting your big vision - Melanie Moore, Big Vision Coach

Secure your place by booking a one to one call with a member of my team to get your questions answered and start your journey to whole family transformation

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Hi, My name is Julia Black

I'm a social entrepreneur, education disruptor, master neurocoach and innovator of the transformational framework, Lights On®.

I've spent the past 13 years innovating in education for children, teens, parents and teachers. My #1 focus is to place mental wellbeing at the forefront of any educational strategy.

In 2010 I won the NCPTA Gold Star Reward for Changing The Life Of The School as a Governor and Chair of the PTA of my children's primary school.

Through my creative learning centre, and collaborations with mainstream and special schools, and within my online Lights On® Academy, I've helped 1000s of children tap into where their natural genius lies.

My transformative learning framework, Lights On®, helps families move away from old school educational strategies that no longer work for this generation of children.

In my online Lights On® Academy I help parents get their children switched back on to learning so they can become self-led learners future-proofed beyond the grades. 

I’m a certified master neurocoach and help mums up-level their own brains so they can reconnect to learning again, discover their passions and find more purpose in their life whilst still being there as ‘mum’.

I’m 100% committed to helping children, teens and adults explore their natural born talents to explore their exponential potential.

Guarantee Your Place 

I like to keep my group coaching programme small so that everyone gets the attention they need. There are only 10 places for new clients, in addition to returning FLOW graduates

LIMITED spaces are available for the next 8 week programme starting on 15th June 2021.


Secure your place by booking a one to one call with a member of my team to get your questions answered and start your journey to whole family transformation

Click Here To Book A Call

"What I wanted was your approach of tough love. This fierce compassion where you really didn't let me get away with anything. You are completely committed to us growing to be the best version of ourselves and holding us so strongly."

"Not only did I have these wonderful women to grow alongside, you didn't give up on me. You showed up and it's a combination of your integrity and compassion, and the way you so want to help people you can feel it. You made me feel safe that I wasn't going to feel squashed, shut down, exposed in my vulnerability."

"I had to look at who I was being. I had lost touch with my needs and my passions. I had given up everything I loved doing. FLOW brings everything together. It feels right. I am in flow. It's now totally changed for Ellie and she's stepping into who she is."

You're ready for this if you...

Finally want to wake up to just how much your subconscious is limiting the growth of your family. 

Be done, once and for all, from operating from a fear-based, lack mindset that is constantly seeking external validation of your worth (there is no place for perfectionism with a Lights On® mindset).

Show up for your family in a new way that can prioritise everyone's mental wellbeing AND their academic or professional success.

Want to feel totally confident that you have the power to choose your thoughts and master your mindset, knowing your possibilities are limited only by your imagination

This is NOT right for you if...

You believe that you can't change as success is down to luck and circumstances and you want to hold on to that victim belief. 

You are not ready to take action and walk through your fear of failure. 

​You are not willing to show up and go all in to start living life beyond your comfort zone to discover what is it that you, and your family, are really capable of achieving in life. 

Want a course where you don't have to apply what you are learning