How To Get Your Teen Passionate About Learning Without Hitting Your Head Against A Brick Wall

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If you’re done with the struggles, fear, and guilt you feel when you think about your teen's future then it is TIME for you to...

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This is for YOU if you don’t want your teenager to stay up in their room gaming for the next few years...

Meet Archie, Whose Mum, Through The Power Of LIGHTS ON®, Transformed His Life

Archie felt everything was pointless. School was sending him into a 'catatonic state' (his words) and he was mentally fatigued from having to cover up his boredom at school. His mum took action and now Archie's life has been transformed, for which he thanks his mum for opening his eyes to something new when she opened hers. Hear it yourself from Archie...


"After I had the first coaching call I was always going to carry on because it was just too invaluable not to. It's given us the opportunity to not have to stay with the system how it is but to make changes. I learned a lot that opened up my eyes to the fact my son can change his environment quickly. He got really excited by that prospect. It was an opportunity if I didn't do it, I knew I would regret it. There are so many things that stop us doing anything in life. I would say 'just do it'. "

Archie's Mum

Most parents dream of their teenager being driven, motivated to learn and passionate about something (ANYTHING!) yet they face one major obstacle that keeps that dream just beyond their reach.

What is it?

It's simple - they're focusing on the wrong problem.

So let me ask you a couple of questions:


Does your teenager seem uninterested in EVERYTHING?

If so which one of these applies to you?


  • You constantly feel guilty that your teen seems only interested in gaming and you just don’t know how to get them out of their room without a fight.


  • You feel exhausted and daunted by the enormity of the task because your teen doesn’t appear to want to help themselves get out of this slump. In fact you fear they might not even realise anything is wrong.


  • You are paralysed by the fear of judgement by the teachers and other you are always on the defensive because if you don’t fight their corner who will? So you are constantly making excuses about their behaviour and attitude. You might even be clinging to 'that label' just a little bit too much and without realising it has become your security blanket and justification for why 'they are like they are'.


  • You feel emotionally vulnerable because the arguments never seem to end and it feels like there is nothing you can say without them getting angry with you. On top of that you are struggling with the rejection from your TEEN. Whatever happened to your child that used to look to you for guidance? It now seems you can’t say anything right.


  • To find your teen actively learning through their passions  because you've transformed them into a happy, inspired and self-directed learner.

  • To discover how much your teen's emotional resilience to failure has grown because you've strengthened their mindset, to ensure they have what it takes to succeed in life and are ready to take all opportunities that come their way.

  • Feeling brave enough to have the RIGHT conversations with your child's school to 'buy-back' time during the school week and flex the system, so it works for them. 

  • Feeling confident, that without any formal training, YOU are getting YOUR TEENAGER to thrive and grow as a learner, because you decided to no longer leave it to others. 

  • Having the support of a community of like-minded parents who have committed to a similar adventure and are there for you when things get tough and celebrate with you when you have those wins.  

  • Having the weight and authority of 1000s of hours of research, innovation and hands on practice behind you, so you can become
    the best parent educator out there and do what the professionals failed to do - SWITCH ON YOUR TEEN'S LIGHTS! 

I've made it simple for you to achieve the ONE THING you want for your teen:

for them to become a happy, fulfilled, adventurous learner, brave enough to go through life being wonderfully, authentically THEM!


Because I’ll bet, like so many parents, you’ve:

  • Felt the negative impact of our outdated education system on your child, which has left them bored, disengaged and uninspired to learn.

  • Searched the internet endlessly trying to find the answers that resonate with you and no matter how many blogs you read, TED talks you watch, you are still left with the BIG question - BUT HOW DO I GET MY TEEN TO LOVE LEARNING AGAIN?!

  • Wrestled with your teen on a regular basis to get them up and out in time to catch the school bus. 

  • Grumbled at how impossible it is to get your teen slightly interested in anything other than YouTube or gaming.
  • Been banging your head against the brick wall of our school system because they say you're child is 'doing fine', even though your teen is telling you school is like being in prison everyday.
  • Felt an outsider to your family and friends, because they think you're crazy you think you could do a better job educating your teen than school.

  • Started to worry about your teen's mental well-being, because surely being switched off for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, 40 weeks of the year for at least 14 years is going to take its toll on their mental health. Right? Well according to Young Minds, 3 children in every classroom have a mental health problem and over half of all mental health problems manifest by the age of 14.


What do you think will happen to your teen’s mental wellbeing if you don’t take action?

It has to be time to say ‘good-bye’ to the ‘old-school’ mindset!

  • The old-school mindset is a way of thinking about your child’s education from the ‘outside-in’ where you focus in on trying to change the external environment.

  • This is likely to set you and your teen up to fail BIG TIME, as your efforts to making changes around them put you up against the powers that be.

  • The end result of this is a lot of stress, frustration and wasted energy for you and is likely to make your teen feel even less engaged than they already feel. Because if the one person they look up to most in the world, YOU, can't seem to fix it, then what hope is there?

An ‘old-school’ mindset is what is keeping you and your teen stuck and stumbling in the dark...

By focusing on the problem from the outside-in and blaming the school system for your teen's disengagement means you are on constant ‘fight’ alert to protect them. 
You are also at risk of starting to look at what is the problem with 'them'. Why can't they fit in, or get on, like other children?
Going up against Goliath is no easy task. Unless you have the emotional reserves to keep opening those closed doors and accepting those knockbacks, then I don’t have to tell you that this is a broken strategy.

So it's time to start taking an ‘inside out’ approach and start thinking like a Lights On® parent

Because what is going to happen to your teen if you DON'T?

A Lights On® parent thinks and acts differently so their child can too... 

  • Old school parents focus on academic success...Lights On® parents value passion over grades so their child can live a life diving deep into their genius zone.

  • Old school parents make sure their children avoid failure...Lights On® parents make sure failure is a valued part of their child's success so they know what it takes to push through no matter what obstacles stand in their way. 

  • Old school parents want their children to conform and play by the school rules...Lights On® parents want their children to continually question and be proud of who they are so they can step into the fullness of what it means to be authentically 'them'.

  • Old school parents fit into the outdated school system...Lights On® parents FLEX the system to work for their family's needs so they can role model living the life of your dreams.

Lights On® parents are visionaries…

They recognise their role is to make sure their child has what it takes to succeed from the inside-out so they can continually learn through life playing to their strengths with their lights fully switched on. 

They are proactive in removing themselves from the day-to-day decision making for their teen to ensure they can start to think and act independently, make choices for themselves, as they prepare for life beyond the family home.

And that is exactly what I’m here to do - to help you STEP INTO the role of the Lights On® parent so your teen can step up and take full responsibility for getting their life back on track, far quicker and easier than you could do on your own.

I've done the hard work, research and design, so you can spend more quality time with your child getting them learning with their Lights On®, whilst being confident what you are doing WORKS.

But Don't Just Take My Word For It...

"Now I’m feeling motivated and ready to take all the opportunities that come my way from now on.”

Before, I couldn’t really see the point in anything I was doing. I’d come home and be exhausted and so not want to do anything other than play on my Xbox. I chose to come out of school and have slowly reconnected to my more creative side."
~ Matthew, 15, Lights On® Reboot Member

“The change in Matthew has just been phenomenal."

He’s so much more himself again. I’ve got my Matthew back. All of his incredible artistic expression would still be locked away if we hadn’t taken action when we did. That’s something I don’t even want to think about.”
~ Corinne, Matt's Mum


It's the fastest way to get your child learning from the inside-out using my Lights On® process so that you can have success FAST.


isn’t like anything you will have tried before. 

  • It’s a 6 week transformational adventure that will shift your teen from being bored, uninspired and switched off to being a happy, hungry and motivated learner because YOU move from being an ‘old-school’ parent to being a ‘Lights On®’ parent.

  • You will discover how your current story you have around education is holding your family back and actually keeping you all stuck.

  • You will get the clarity you need to focus your attention where you can make maximum impact with minimum effort.

  • You’ll learn how to step back in order for your child to step forward.

  • Sound simple? It can be. Take a quick look at what my programme involves.

This programme is designed to be taken over 6 consecutive weeks



Get your teen back in the driving seat of their learning so they can embrace, at a much deeper, the life adventure ahead of them.




Help your teen discover the one thing they would like to wake up every morning to learn, so they can do what they love and love what they do.




Empower your teen find the courage to step into the fullness of who they are and be brave to explore and discover the opportunities to live a passion and purpose-driven life.




Your teen's brain is a constant work-in-progress, changing structurally over their adolescent years, so take they can literally take advantage of this and neuro-hack their way to success. 




Your teen's reality will be determined by where they are focusing their attention and by being more aware of where their thoughts are leading them. 

WEEK 6: 


Ensure your teen starts to use this amazing time to gain more responsibility and independence, so they have what it takes to play to their strengths and navigate around their obstacles. 

When you sign up to this programme you will get access to your very own Explorium training portal which has EVERYTHING you need to get your child open to getting in the driving seat of their learning.

VALUE £7,000

This is definitely a case where less is more so in this REBOOT programme I'm giving you only what you need to get results fast. No FLUFF!




I appreciate that this is going to be a new way to look at your child's education - that is why it works! So to guide you through this transformational adventure, and make sure you become confident in your role as a Lights On® parent, if you want this option I will meet you and your teen in a virtual group coaching call once a week for six weeks.

Here I can get to understand the dynamic between you both, and see where your obstacles are, and facilitate your teen to start opening up and taking ownership of their learning. 

VALUE: £6000


Sometimes you might have questions during the week that you want immediate answers to. So for anyone going through this programme we have a safe space where you can communicate directly with me and my team, as well as get support from others in the programme. 

I also use this space to share any relevant research, thoughts, or films I come across that are relevant to your transformation.


"Absolutely love what you guys are doing. I'm finding my lights have been switched on with regards to my boys' learning, and education in general, and my relationship with them, as I help them navigate the often choppy waters of learning! "

Mum of two, age 11 & 14

"I wanted to gain an understanding of the Lights On approach to learning, with the viewpoint of seeing how I could incorporate this into my tutoring. I wanted to find a way to re-engage them and keep them passionate about the work they are doing. As a tutor, it has given me a more flexible and creative approach to take with my tutees. I have noticed that in the lesson both students were more focused. I would recommend Lights On to other parents definitely!"

Mum & tutor

BONUS TRAINING 1 - Brain Health
VALUE: £97

Adolescence is such an important time for your teen’s brain development that I’m going to give you this module to make sure your family starts to look after their brains as much as their health. So I've decided to include this bonus to make maintaining a healthy brain as EASY as possible for you and your family.

BONUS TRAINING 2 - The Neuroscience Of Learning
VALUE: £197

Gain a deeper understanding of the neuroscience behind learning so you can transform your child's mindset by shifting YOUR OWN! The way your child thinks and acts about learning is a reflection of you in more ways than you think. That means when you give up, they learn to give up! Sounds harsh but true. So in this bonus, we're going to start understanding learning right down to the neurons!

And the best bit? When young people understand learning at the level of the neuron they become more willing to embrace mistakes. 

BONUS 3 - Autographing Your Work With Excellence
VALUE: £197

If you can get your teen to realise the full potential of excellence within them then you’ll start to see shifts big time. You really want to start to see them engage at a deeper level and you can do that through draft critique.

This training will give you everything you need to implement effective draft critique, step-by-step!

BONUS 4 - Learning Out Towards Your Edges
VALUE: £197

In this training we're going to go deeper into developing our mindset and how to can start to grow our resilience so your teen has what it takes to push through any obstacles that stand in their way. 

This is always an important process for parents too, because the strength of your mindset will definitely be being pushed with life as a teen, and you may find that your own feelings around failure are getting in the way of your relationship.  

Our Lights On® TEEN REBOOT CAMP is perfect for you if... 

  • Your teenager appears  bored, unhappy and demotivated with their learning at school.

  • Your teen might be succeeding academically, but they are putting in minimal effort, and therefore not reaching their fullest potential (beyond the grades).

  • Your teen doesn't seem to engage in any of your ideas to enhance their child education and this is making you feel totally disempowered. 

  • You are concerned your teen has lost the core values of effort, persistence and autographing their work with excellence that you know they will need when they enter the 'real world'.

  • They seem to have very little emotional resilience and you feel this is limiting their life chances and closing them off to opportunities that come their way. At this stage you are totally at a loss thinking 'what will they do in life?'

Our Lights On® TEEN REBOOT is also about  


You want 2018 to have been the year where you took life-changing action for your family.

You are ready do think and act differently to ensure your family starts to become calmer, happier and full of fun ready to live a purpose and passion-driven life. 

You are ready to feel rejuvenated and inspired because we never get TIME back and staying stuck is no longer an option. 




The Learner

The Parent

The Principal


Imagine seeing your teen fall totally in love with learning and start to believe they are capable of ANYTHING...


Join my Lights On® Teen and Parent Reboot Programme and you'll no longer have to:

  • Bang your head again the brick wall of our education system because Lights On® fast-tracks you to the right solutions for your teen.
  • Get lost down the rabbit hole searching for hope of what might work for your child because Lights On® is based on 1000's of hours of research into the latest thinking in project-based learning, neuroscience & the maker movement.
  • Try yet another initiative that only gives you one piece of the puzzle because Lights On® looks at the whole remit of what learning really is and walks you through step-by-step to ensure your teen is engaging their head, heart and hands when learning.
  • Feel alienated from your teen's education and life because Lights On® can give you the road map to carve a more flexible route through their learning adventures in life.
  • Be alone in solving the problem for your teen because Lights On® brings together parents who are taking action to ensure learning for their child can be different.

From Parent To Circus Director To Social Entrepreneur

My adventure began when my daughter began complaining her learning was 'fenced in' at school. At this point I was just a parent, like you, experiencing first hand the constraints of our education system. With my daughter's lights rapidly dimming, I knew I had to do something about it. 

Little did I know taking action would lead me on one of the most exciting adventures of my life.

My first steps were to start flexi-schooling. Then I began to volunteer closely with my daughter's school. It was after I led a team of 106 kids and parents to stage an award winning circus (which won the NCPTA Gold Star Award for changing the life of the school) that I knew there was no going back...

I was hooked by seeing our children's eyes light up as they were given the opportunity to embrace being wonderfully and authentically 'them'. 

As a parent that is surely all we want; our children to be happy. I've come to know that our children are happiest when they are empowered to lead their learning; when they can tap into their passions and develop their talents. When we get involved in making that happen for them our lights go on too.

So I hope you'll join me and start on your own Lights On® adventure and make sure your family is ready to live a purpose and passion-driven life, where happiness comes from within.

Here's to switching on some lights together!


As A Changemaker, Filmmaker & Thought Leader Julia Has Appeared On

So let’s recap!

When you invest in Lights On® Teen and Parent Reboot Camp you will get:

Instant access to your training modules with video and exercises that will transform you from thinking with the old-school mindset to becoming a Lights On parent.  (Value £7000)

Plus you’ll get 6 x LIVE coaching sessions to answer your questions, clear up doubts, and to keep you and your teen motivated and on track. (VALUE £6000)

And remember you’ll be getting the bonus bundles around Brain Health, Autographing Your Work With Excellence, Neuroscience of Learning. (Value £688)

Total Value: £13,688

But what you are really getting - which you can’t place a value on - are the tangible results of moving your teen from being bored, disengaged and apathetic to becoming open and ready to start to take ownership of their learning.


How Much Do I Need To Invest To Join Your Teen and Parent Reboot Programme?

The mistake most parents make is they think about the financial cost and choose the "do-it-yourself route" to save money.  What they don't take into account is, how FAST they need to see results. If your teen's lights have been out for a while behavioural habits will have set in and their mental wellbeing will be suffering. 

The cost of every mistake YOU might make, because this will be a new way of thinking for you and your teen, and the time that passes whilst you try to navigate the obstacles that are going to come up for you, needs to be seen as a real cost too. It is the cost of not solving this problem in the next 6 weeks.  

Then the other mistake parents make is  "Okay, can you do it for me?" Like buying in a tutor.

Yes, of course I can. Really quickly!

However that leaves YOU out of the equation and you won't get the chance to break some of the habits that you will, inevitably, need to change too. So you might then find yourself back in the same boat later down the line - because you were not on the same page as your teen. And this is crucial if you want long-lasting transformation - this is about you being the change-agent within your home. My role is to empower you to do that by helping you see where you need to focus your attention for your specific situation. See it as you drawing on my expertise to become the expert in your home. 

So if you want me to be there alongside you and your teen, which will give you the fastest possible shifts, choose the VIP option.

You can do so for just 3 installments of £737 (or pay in full and save £200!) 

I also have a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee which you can read about below. 


Lights On® Teen And Parent Reboot 6 Week Programme



✅ Learning Portal with Step-By-Step Weekly Actions 

Value: £7000

✅ 6 LIVE Coaching Sessions With Julia
Value: £6000

✅ Private Members Only Community

Total Value: £688

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Lights On® Teen And Parent Reboot 6 Week Programme


3x Monthly Instalments


✅ Learning Portal with Step-By-Step Weekly Actions 

Value: £7000

✅ 6 LIVE Coaching Sessions With Julia
Value: £6000

✅ Private Members Only Community

Total Value: £688

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'But Julia,  what if it doesn’t work for me...or is not what you promised?'

I’m not offering a magic wand here, if you sign up and don’t put in the work, if your teen doesn’t show up then you are unlikely to see any shift. So you really need to be ready to show up and commit to moving forward.

However, what I am going to offer is a 30 Day money-back guarantee if you show up, and do all the work AND you come to me with your problems, AND your teen will engage with me, and you haven’t moved forward, then I will offer your money back. This guarantee is not valid if you join and expect change without putting in the time, effort and energy that is needed. 

But choose quickly because this offer is not going to open we need to get started moving you forward. 

...And if you don't join me this time round? Well... it's simple:

You’ll miss out on the chance to transform your family’s life.

Because you CAN do it.

Me and my team are going to be there to make sure you do.

So don’t keep wishing away your life living for the
in-between school bits of your teen’s life.

Join now and turn your dream of a happy, engaged teen into a reality.


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