Are you ready for an easy, fun and fast way to get your child switched on to learning? 

If your child has lost their passion for learning then Explorium is the place to switch their lights back on!

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"Absolutely love what you guys are doing. I'm finding my lights have been switched on with regards to my boys' learning, and education in general, and my relationship with them, as I help them navigate the often choppy waters of learning!"
- Rachel, Mum of two, age 11 & 14

"For me it is like light years away form where I started with our sons' education, to where I am now, thanks to you and the Lights On® programme."
- Renata, mum of two under 6


  • To find your child learning through their passions and unleashing their Divergent Genius because you've transformed them into a happy, inspired and self-directed learner.

  • To discover how much your child's resilience to failure has grown because you've built up their emotional resilience to failure and strengthened their mindset, to ensure they have what it takes to succeed in life.

  • Feeling brave enough to have the RIGHT conversations with your child's school to 'buy-back' time during the school week and flex the system, so it works for your family. 

  • Feeling confident, that without any formal training, YOU are getting YOUR CHILD to thrive and grow as a learner, because you decided to no longer leave it to others. 

  • Having a library of proven creative activities designed to empower your child to go deep with their learning.

  • Having the support of a community of like-minded parents who have committed to a similar adventure and are there for you when things get tough and celebrate with you when you have those wins.  

  • Having the weight and authority of 1000s of hours of research, innovation and hands on practice behind you, so you can become
    the best parent educator out there!

Meet Charlotte, Nadia and Sandra who through the power of Lights On® experienced transformational change in their children FAST.

We've made it simple for you to achieve the ONE THING you want for your child:

for them to become a happy, fulfilled, adventurous learner, brave enough to go through life being wonderfully, authentically THEM!


Because I’ll bet, like so many parents, you’ve:

  • Felt the negative impact of our old education system on your child, which has left them bored, disengaged and uninspired to learn.

  • Searched the internet endlessly trying to find the answers that resonate with you and no matter how many blogs you read, TED talks you watch, you are still left with the BIG question - BUT HOW DO I GET MY CHILD TO LOVE LEARNING?!

  • Wrestled with your child on a regular basis to get them through the school gates.

  • Grumbled at how impossible it is to get your child slightly interested in anything other than YouTube.
  • Been banging your head against the brick wall of our school system because they say you're child is 'doing fine', even though your child is telling you school is like being in prison everyday.
  • Felt an outsider to your family and friends, because they think you're crazy you think you could do a better job educating your child than school (but they haven't heard of Lights On®!).

  • Started to worry about your child's mental well-being, because surely this isn't how their lives should be for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, 40 weeks of the year for at least 14 years!



What is going to happen to your child if you DON'T start thinking like an Explorium parent?


An Explorium parents thinks and acts differently so their child can too... 

  • Old school parents focus on academic success...Explorium parents value passion over grades.

  • Old school parents make sure their children avoid failure...Explorium parents make sure failure is an important part of their child's success.

  • Old school parents want their children to conform and play by the school rules...Explorium parents want their children to be individual and continually question.

  • Old school parents fit into the outdated school system...Explorium parents FLEX the system to work for their family's needs. 


We've done the hard work, research and design, so you can spend more quality time with your child getting them learning with their Lights On®, whilst being confident what you are doing WORKS.

A Behind-The-Scenes Look
Inside Your Membership:

No more searching the internet for answers, our Explorium Training Portal has EVERYTHING you need to get your child ready for success in the 21st Century

VALUE £5,000

Delivered in bite-size and easily digestible chunks we've taken the latest thinking in neuroscience and mindset, project-based and real-world learning and digital literacy and put this together in a fun, creative programme that shows you the EXACT steps you need to take to get your child passionate about learning. From setting up your first learning carousel to delivering Wired For Learning challenges, we've made it easy for you to have success FAST.

Access to our big picture thinking and intellectual Lights On® framework ensures you are part of our growing community of innovators leading the way in changing education FOREVER. 

No more trawling Pinterest for inspiration from people you don't know. You'll get tried & tested mini-projects delivered to your inbox each month so you can use your TIME to focus on making learning FUN again without having to worry about HOW!


After the initial six weeks, which are especially designed to get you taking effective action, we'll release new content each month to move you towards some deep learning for YOU and YOUR CHILD.  Every month we'll showcase a mini-project designed by one of our members, showing how it is underpinned by their growing understanding of our Lights On® framework. This means as they grow you do too. 

Gain a deep understanding of the neuroscience behind learning so you can transform your child's mindset by shifting YOUR OWN!

The way your child thinks and acts about learning is a reflection of you in more ways than you think.  That means when you give up, they learn to give up! Sounds harsh but true. We will invest a lot of time bringing in mindset experts to make sure you are able to 'get out of your own way' so your child's genius can shine through. 

Lights On® is perfect for you if... 

  • You have a child who is bored, unhappy and demotivated with their learning at school.

  • Your child might be succeeding academically, but putting in minimal effort, and you feel they are not reaching their full learning potential.

  • Your child doesn't seem to engage in any of your ideas to enhance their child education and this is making you feel totally disempowered. 

Lights On® is also about  
YOU unleashing YOUR brilliance...


You want 2018 to be a year of taking action and no longer want to put up with a mediocre education for your child. 

You are ready for an exciting new learning adventure where your family will start to become calmer, happier and full of fun.

You are ready to feel rejuvenated and inspired, no longer willing to put up with the stress your child's current educational environment is causing.




The Learner

The Parent

The Principal


From Parent To Circus Director To Social Entrepreneur

My adventure began when my daughter began complaining her learning was 'fenced in' at school. At this point I was just a parent, like you, experiencing first hand the constraints of our education system. With my daughter's lights rapidly dimming, I knew I had to do something about it. 

Little did I know taking action would lead me on one of the most exciting adventures of my life.

My first steps were to start flexi-schooling. Then I began to volunteer closely with my daughter's school. It was after I led a team of 106 kids and parents to stage an award winning circus (which won the NCPTA Gold Star Award for changing the life of the school) that I knew there was no going back...

I was hooked by seeing our children's eyes light up as they were given the opportunity to embrace being wonderfully and authentically 'them'. 

As a parent that is surely all we want; our children to be happy. I've come to know that our children are happiest when they are empowered to lead their learning; when they can tap into their passions and develop their talents. When we get involved in making that happen for them our lights go on too.

So I hope you'll join me and start on your own Lights On® adventure from parent to __________ (You fill in the blank).

Here's to switching on some lights together!

As A Change Maker & Thought Leader Julia Has Appeared On

We want to help you transform your child's attitude to learning :


Monthly LIVE Q&As with Julia Black mean if you have any questions, doubts or uncertainties, then they don't go unanswered for long. 

Live coaching sessions in our members only Facebook group bring a bespoke solution to any obstacle that is proving difficult to shift. 

Meet Up And Get Support From Your Fellow Members In Our Lights On® Virtual Coffee Mornings And Members Only Facebook Community

This is where you mingle with your tribe! If you are like most parents, you will know it can be a lonely place when things are not quite working out for your child, as you thought they would. Trying to figure out everything on your own, with no where to go and no one to talk to when you have questions or doubts can take its toll. That never happens again when you join our Explorium membership because you are surrounded by an excellent support network, where you can share wins, build friendships and discuss what is and is not working for them.  This peer support is invaluable and will pick you up when you are down and motivates you into action when you need that extra push. 

Focus In On The 20% Of Innovation That Is Tried, Tested And Works...over and over again so you don't waste time heading down a dead end.

Lights On® is based on 1000s of hours of research and hands on delivery putting the latest thinking in education into practice. We've taken the top 20% of what works and made it easy to digest, so you not only get results FAST but you can also be confident you are at the forefront of innovation in education. You don't need to look ANYWHERE else because we'll deliver the latest thinking to your inbox AND more importantly break it down to so you can apply it in your home, so you move from being a 'student' to being an active mentor.  You won't find this ANYWHERE ELSE!

This is EXACTLY what I'm looking for!

Imagine seeing your child fall totally in love with learning...


You'll no longer have to:

  • Bang your head again the brick wall of our education system because Lights On® fast-tracks you to the right solutions for your child.
  • Get lost down the rabbit hole searching for hope of what might work for your child because Lights On® is based on 1000's of hours of research into the latest thinking in project-based learning, neuroscience & the maker movement.
  • Try yet another initiative that only gives you one piece of the puzzle because Lights On® looks at the whole remit of what learning really is and walks you through step-by-step to ensure your child is engaging their head, heart and hands when learning.
  • Feel alienated from your child's education because Lights On® can give you the road map to carve a more flexible route through your child's learning adventures in life.
  • Be alone in solving the problem for your child because Lights On® brings together parents who are taking action to ensure learning for their child can be different.
  • Feel detached from your child's time in school because Lights On® shows you how to bring education enrichment to a whole new level by harnessing the passions and talents of the parent community. 

"Absolutely love what you guys are doing. I'm finding my lights have been switched on with regards to my boys' learning, and education in general, and my relationship with them, as I help them navigate the often choppy waters of learning! "

Mum of two, age 11 & 14

"Your lights on® approach is fantastic. The more I get to know it the better, it is so useful AND interesting. Longer term, I am extremely interested in being involved in the extension of Explorium/Lights On®, local to me."

Mum of two, under 6

"After I had the first coaching call I was always going to carry on because it was just too invaluable not to. It's given us the opportunity to not have to stay with the system how it is and to make changes. I learned a lot from the first coaching call that opened up my eyes that my son can change his environment quickly. He got really excited by that prospect. "

Mum of two, age 12 & 14

"I was excited to find an organisation that shares many of the concerns I have with the way our education system is structured and one that offers a solution to attempt to combat these. I wanted to come up with a specific plan with enough structure that left a certain amount of freedom for my daughter to learn in an open-ended way. It has given me a number of activities for myself and family to do that is both helping to discover our starting point and the tools to move forward. It is great to have a community of like-minded people with the same goal. I feel that there is a whole community of people who are excited about finding our children's passions and encouraging them to flourish."

Mum of three, under 6

"The Lights On philosophy touches our beliefs and our experience and has allowed us to spend more time together without feeling guilty. Being part of the Lights On community has given us sense of not being alone in our situation and reassurance that the time our son spends with us, rather than being at school, is not wasted and support in understanding the real needs of our children. Who else, if not you, has a better chance of recognising your child’s talents and needs?"

Mum of two, under 6

"I wanted to gain an understanding of the Lights On approach to learning, with the viewpoint of seeing how I could incorporate this into my tutoring. I wanted to find a way to re-engage them and keep them passionate about the work they are doing. As a tutor, it has given me a more flexible and creative approach to take with my tutees. I have noticed that in the lesson both students were more focused. I would recommend Lights On to other parents definitely!"

Mum & tutor

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