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If your teenager is not fully switched on to the opportunities around them then let us help unleash their entrepreneurial changemaker spirit.

I'm Julia Black, and together with my team, we help teenagers live and learn with their LIGHTS ON® by rediscovering a passion for learning and connecting with their true entrepreneurial changemaker switch.

How To Switch On Your Teen's Lights!

We are very strict about who we can and cannot help, as our approach is not right for everyone. To see if we can get your teen the transformational results you are after click on the button below to book in for a breakthrough session with our Lights On® Enrolment Team.

What Could Your Teen Achieve In 2019?


We're looking for teenagers who are ready to experience the thrill of massive growth in their lives and achieve something extraordinary.

A note to your future self:

If we met up at the end of 2019, what would your teen need to do to have a breakthrough year? 

Maybe they have a Big Idea, but school is getting in the way of them realising their dream...

Or maybe you can see that they have an entrepreneurial changemaker spark but you don't really know how to support and nurture them.

The school year seems too strictly timetabled for our teenagers, so they have to put their ideas on hold...but what if this next year your teen could be supported to unleash their entrepreneurial spirit - even whilst they're still in school?

Don't wait until they are out of education to give them the opportunity to embrace their entrepreneurial changemaker spirit - start NOW!

We're looking for committed teenagers with a BIG IDEA to coach and mentor intensively to help them achieve extraordinary success in 2019.

Whether it's writing a powerful speech, starting their first digital business, or exploring how they can create real social change and impact in their chosen area, we'll provide the support your teenager needs to unleash the young entrepreneurial changemaker who's waiting to emerge!

And who better to help your child achieve something extraordinary than REAL changemaking entrepreneurs!


Youthpreneur Programme

Lights On® Youthpreneur is strategically curated to support your teen to overcome the challenges that stand in their way of creating positive change in the world whilst doing what they love AND achieving financial freedom. This will help them experience the breakthroughs needed to unleash their entrepreneurial changemaker spirit early in life so they can step into the fullness of who they were born to be.

Over 8 weeks (with as little as 2-4 hours a week) we will support you and your teen in the following ways...


How Lights On® Youthpreneur Works:


Your teen will meet and network with other inspiring young people who are committed to making an impact on the world around them.


Unlike any other programme out there, your teen will be guided by real-world changemakers and entrepreneurs. Alongside my own team, we'll invite guest entrepreneurs to hold special masterclasses specifically designed to develop your teen's entrepreneurial changemaker mindset, energy coherence, self leadership, digital marketing and much, much more! 


A huge benefit will be the brilliant young entrepreneurial and creative minds your teen will be surrounded by in our private coaching group. Seeing other teens make progress with their creative ideas will be inspiring and hugely motivating. 


Any time your teen has a question we'll be there to answer them in our weekly coaching sessions and through daily support in the Facebook group. 


Our Lights On® Youthpreneurs will have access to step-by-step training and resources in their very own online training portal. This allows them to progress at their pace. They'll follow the EXACT strategies that our community of REAL entrepreneurial changemakers use to turn an idea into reality.


Becoming a changemaker entrepreneur takes time so we know that 8 weeks will spark them into action and help them get momentum but they may want further ongoing support. So we've got that covered and will invite them to stay part of our Youthpreneur community for as long as they want, through our FREE continuity programme. This will ensure that as questions or problems come up, we will be on hand with a monthly Q&A call and presence within the FB group. 

The promise of LIGHTS ON® Youthpreneur is simple...

to facilitate a breakthrough year in your teenager's life. We want them to view the world of possibilities around them in a whole new light, through the exciting lens of changemaker entrepreneurship.

This experience will prepare them for a lifetime of learning as they step outside their comfort zone and discover new opportunities they never knew existed. This experience will impact the potential of who they can become over their lifetime.

What we stand for:

We believe everyone is capable of extraordinary things. Success isn't down to chance, but rather a mix of the right skillset and mindset, knowing who you are and being clear on your WHY, so you can live a happy, purpose-driven and impactful life.

This growth experience for your teenager is a combination of working 'smart' on their ideas and developing their business skills, resilience and resourcefulness, whilst having a sense of adventure and fun at the same time.

We support our Youthpreneurs to focus their energy and effort on making an impact using their passions, talents and strengths as a force for good in our world.

We challenge the convention that they will need to work all hours in the day if they want to succeed and instead help them learn how to become more efficient with the time they have.

What exactly is a breakthrough?

When it comes to what we can achieve in life, we believe nothing is impossible.

So a breakthrough for your teenager will be going through a growth experience that results in them being able to accomplish something they at first thought impossible. 

A breakthrough is unique to the individual and your teenager's breakthrough is their own to create!



Most People Go Through Life Unaware Of What They Can Achieve.


Because of the way our education system is designed most young people will be totally unaware of their capability to become extraordinary.

No matter how big their dreams are, there are some key things that separate those who ARE successful from those who stop at the first hurdle.

Well, here's the truth...

What your teen needs to know won't come from a business class or a university degree. 

Because the number #1 thing they need to develop is their mindset and eliminate self-sabotaging limiting beliefs that will keep them stuck no matter what they decide to do.

Just take a look at the greatest athletes in the world. They ALL have coaches to keep them focused, on track and performing at optimum levels. The same is true for any highly successful person - they have that internal strength and intrinsic motivation to keep on going no matter what.


To facilitate a breakthrough year in 2019 for the young entrepreneurial changemaker in your family.

Meet Your Teen's Mentors

We are a passionate team committed to using our superpowers to guide, coach and nurture your teen so they can live a life of financial freedom, making a positive difference and doing what they love.


Meet Julia

Julia is the founder of Explorium and creator of Lights On®. She is a writer, filmmaker, entrepreneur and changemaker to her core. She has dedicated the last 10 years cracking the code to ensure children and teenagers have their lights fully switch on so they can enjoy a lifetime of learning and unlock their fullest human potential.

Julia is a bold, creative and passionate entrepreneurial changemaker who lives her life stepping deep into the unknown. 


Meet Corinne

Corinne's superpower is connecting people with their joy. She helps people get clear, confident and intentional about how they step into their excellence, making her the perfect Nurture Coach for your teen.

Corinne has worked with teenagers for over 25 years helping them to find their own unique voice, express who they are and show up in their lives with a positive mindset. She is a magician when it comes to getting young people to fall in love with writing.


Meet Matt

Matt loves to create and bring ideas into reality using the latest innovative digital marketing techniques. He'll mentor your teen to become tech savvy and digitally literate so they can monetise their passions and talents to live a life of financial freedom doing what they love.

Matt joined Explorium at 17 as an intern, and 5 years on, he now runs all our programme launches and is our Head Enrolment Coach.

Are You Ready To Switch On Your Teen's Lights?

The number one thing we look for in a teen is the desire for more than what school currently offers them. They most likely already have a passion but their lights have gone dim or off. Then we look at whether YOU, as their parent, are ready to do what it takes to get their lights back on. Click the button below and we'll help you get clarity because we're experts in getting to the real core of the problem and it often is not what you think!

Who Is Our Lights On® YouthPreneur
Programme For?

This adventure is perfect for teens who...

  • Are either struggling academically or are flying high but they are bored and ready for an adventure.
  • Want to share what they've learned through their own, maybe challenging, life experience so they can benefit others and make a positive difference
  • Have a talent laying dormant because it is not valued by their current educational path.

  • Have the ability to think laterally and through a different lens to others which might have left them feeling alienated by our school system. 
  • Are an ideas person and may already have an idea they want to bring to life but they don't have the know how to make that happen.
  • Are able to be respectful to their peers, our coaches and  guest masters. 
  • Can work, play and communicate well with others so they can collaborate on projects together. 

  • Are HUNGRY for more in their life and are ready to learn what it takes to live a life of financial freedom doing what they love.

Meet A Couple Of Our Lights On® Youthpreneurs

Meet Esme


Esme was 6 years old when it was apparent that she was born to write! She has won awards for her speeches, sells her book-art in a local gallery and has her own online course helping children reconnect with their love of storytelling. 

Meet Daisy


Daisy is a natural born artist who found her love for drawing at a very young age. She has been developing her craft ever since and now inspires children to explore and discover their artistic energy with her online course.

This year could be life-changing for your family if YOU are brave enough to take action.

Listen to Ollie's story to understand the impact of learning with your Lights On®.

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