Hi I'm Julia Black. 

I am an Education Changemaker and Social Entrepreneur and my team and I help parents empower their children to be highly motivated, self-directed, switched on learners to help them succeed in life.

When my daughter started feeling fenced in, crushed and dispirited at school, I realised I had a very real problem to solve. Like any mum who sees her child's lights go out I knew something had to change. So I took action.

As a result my family and I spent the next 12 years on an amazing real-world adventure exploring the most cutting-edge educational practice, neuroscientific developments and mental wellbeing research.

I put aside everything else - including a successful filmmaking career - to become obsessed with finding how everyone, however their brains were wired, could be the learner they were born to be.

And the good news is that I found a way to transform children who were totally bored by what school has to offer and turn them into the most intrinsically motivated learners. It's called Lights On® and 1000s of children and their families have experienced incredible results and are leading more positive, creative and happy lives because of it.

"When my children became confident in themselves and their learning, you could see how alive and animated they became. They started owning their learning and it is transferring to everything they do. I love what a difference learning in this way makes."

Lights On® Family, UK

"I owe it to you for opening my eyes and giving me the confidence to pursue what I felt was right for my child."

Lights On® Family, Pakistan

"School felt like prison. I didn't feel I was going to get to any of my goals, but now it feels I'm doing it. Now I can be myself. Mum made it possible."

Lights On® Family, UK

As I problem-solved my way through SO many obstacles, and even ended up with a Creative Learning Centre based on a school site, I realised something HUGE that changed everything. Although of course, it was always the starting point it wasn't ever enough to simply focus on the child alone. What my team and I began to see again and again, was that unless the parents were fully committed to stepping up and taking ownership of the whole situation the results were limited and didn't last.

This was a gamechanger because we now knew that to unleash the potential in every child we had to also do the same for the mums. This led to us closing down our physical centres and opening up our Lights On® Academy online.

Once parents begin to experience their own life-changing transformations EVERYTHING to do with their child's learning opens up in a way every parent dreams of. 

"My daughter has changed so much since I have been engaging for me. Looking through an Explorium lens helps you make changes both subtle and huge that totally change you and your life."

Lights On® Family, England

"I was forced to confront my own fears about taking full responsibility for my children's learning journey. I reconnected to my dream. I reconnected to my vision. "

Lights On® Family, UK

"It’s that epiphany moment when you realise that you can be the master of what you want to be. I just feel right now, really excited for the future. I want to thank my mum for opening my eyes when she was prepared to open her eyes to something new."

Archie, 15
Lights On® Family, UK

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